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  • Angel4 says:

    GM ALL
    I love your show the cast is wonderful…make a great start to my day..
    About the TTC driver…If you asked me 20yrs ago I would have said give her a 2nd chance because she has children and so on…but I have learned through experience …my sister was left with 2 children…husband abandoned…the government basically said you and your family will figure this out..otherwise she would need to live in government housing and that is where her today 2 wonderfully hard working kids would have grown up….Its not the TTC who need to concern themselves of her 2 kids its the government…she is responsible for thousands of lives a day driving that bus
    sorry doesnt cut it…she needs to be alert on her job and knew that when she signed up for it….

  • Franz Spiess says:

    watching the zoo at Fords speech really showed Toronto mentality the protesters sound like 3 year old and the Toronto police has shown that they can not be trusted to be un-biased ,they can ask a reporter to move but can not restrain someone making unnecessary noise or causing a disturbance

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