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Monday, August 17, 2015


In studio:

  • The Bad Dog Theatre Company’s ‘Summer Blockbuster Week’
    Nug Nahrgang, Comedian; Evany Rosen
    www.baddogtheatre.com/blockbuster-week-2015 | Twitter:@BadDogTheatre
  • At Home Mixology
    Frankie Solarik, Co-Owner BarChef Cocktail Lounge
    Twitter: @frankiesolarik
  • Toronto Men’s Fashion Week
    Jeff Rustia, Founder, Toronto Men’s Fashion Week;  Philippe Dubuc, Designer; Andrew Coimbra, Designer; Godfrey Mensah, Designer, Keniya-X; Meagan Jett, Designer, Keniya-X
    www.tomfw.com | Twitter: @TOM_FW
  • Pat Mills on ‘Guidance’
    Pat Mills, Actor, Writer, Director

On location with the Live Eye: