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Breakfast Television unveils its new mobile app

Winston Sih | posted Tuesday, Oct 22nd, 2013

For years, you’ve called Breakfast Television Canada’s number-one morning show, and now we have a brand new way for you to wake up with us.

The new Breakfast Television app for iPhone is free and available to all iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play, and boasts a stunning, easy-to-use interface with the features you need to get your day started.

Among the features include video on demand, a live stream of the broadcast, a full seven-day weather forecast, and a social stream so you can stay connected to us while on the go.

The app’s built-in alarm clock will let you wake up with the voices of your favourite BT personalities, as well as easily watch a high-quality, full-screen video stream of Breakfast Television.

Download the app below, and watch the above video as Breakfast Television digital media correspondent Winston Sih gives you an in-depth tour!

UPDATE: For alarm clocks to ring through audibly, ensure that silent mode on your iOS device is turned off.

UPDATE 2: The Breakfast Television app is now available for both iOS and Android devices.


  • Laurie McKeown says:

    Love it !!!!!!!

  • brad bruyea says:

    id like this app on my phone is it available for Samsung users. I’ve been watching BT for years and would like to keep up on the latest news ect.

  • ipr says:

    So the BBZ10 is not even considered, eh?

    It is a bit disappointing that even BT is abandoning Canadian former darling

  • Winston Sih says:

    Hi ipr,

    We haven’t forgotten about our BlackBerry friends. We redesigned our website to be responsive so that you could have a more immersive and mobile-friendly experience. Just go to BreakfastTelevision.ca on your browser.

    Winston Sih
    Digital Media Producer-Correspondent

  • Paul says:

    when will the app be available for the Z10 blackberry??


  • Winston Sih says:

    For BlackBerry, we recommend going to our newly designed responsive site at BreakfastTelevision.ca. It’s designed to format itself to your device.

    Winston Sih
    Digital Media Producer-Correspondent

  • h. says:

    Android comes before iphone! alphbetically & for REAL techies.

  • Winston Sih says:

    We promise, it’s coming in a few weeks!

    Winston Sih
    Digital Media Producer-Correspondent

  • Walter Pfefferle says:

    Does not work on my LG Optimius phone. Just sits there and does nothing. Go back to the old 24/7 stream, worked great. Why do companies not listen to their viewers. If it is not broke, why fix it.

  • Winston Sih says:

    Hi Walter,

    Our app only works for iOS users right now. Android (including LG Optimus) to come later.

    Winston Sih
    Digital Media Producer-Correspondent

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