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Mayor Ford admits ‘mistakes’ but won’t leave office

CityNews | posted Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford acknowledged Sunday that he has made mistakes in his life but left unanswered questions about the alleged crack video that has propelled him into the international spotlight.

“I’m the first one to admit I am not perfect, I have made mistakes,” Ford told his weekly radio show.

“Unfortunately, I cannot change the past. I can just move forward and learn from the past, which, I assure you, I’m doing.”

Ford apologized to his family, members of city council and Toronto taxpayers. He said he was referring to being inebriated in public during Taste of the Danforth in the summer and St. Patrick’s Day last year and texting while driving.

“A lot of stupid things. It’s all self-inflicted,” he said while promising he would make changes.

“I also know that to move forward I have to make changes in my life, which I will assure you I can do,” he said. “I want to keep working for the people of this city.”

Ford didn’t talk about the contents of the video that police say appears to be the one that two media outlets say allegedly appears to show him smoking crack cocaine. He said he hasn’t seen the video so it’s impossible to explain its contents.

”Obviously when the video is released, I’m going to explain to the best of my ability what’s in the video,” said Ford, who called on police chief Bill Blair to release the video so everyone can see it.

“Whatever this video shows, folks, Toronto residents deserve to see and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video,” Ford said.

“That is the right thing to do and chief, I’m asking you to release this video now.”

Blair said Thursday that the video will be evidence in the case against a friend and sometimes driver for the mayor Alexander Lisi who faces criminal offences including trafficking marijuana. Police allege Lisi, 35, tried to get his hands on the video and charged him with extortion.

The mayor also spoke to KiSS 92.5′s Maurie Sherman who asked Ford what was in the envelope that Lisi put in his car and he said, “No comment.” Click here to listen to the full interview.

Toronto police said Sunday that it is up to the courts to decide whether evidence is released to the general public.

After reports of the alleged video first surfaced in the Toronto Star and the U.S. website Gawker in May, the mayor said he does not use crack cocaine and that the video does not exist.

He steadfastly refused to talk about the issue for months, but Blair’s stunning announcement on Thursday that police had what appeared to be the video triggered a torrent of calls for Ford to either resign or address the issue.

Ford met privately Saturday with deputy mayor Norm Kelly who relayed concerns from city councillors about the fallout from the police revelations.

Kelly appealed on Sunday for everyone, including Ford’s critics on city council, to give the mayor a second chance.

“I would urge my colleagues to do that, to show that this is more than just rhetoric… that in fact he has learned his lesson,” Kelly told to The Canadian Press in a phone interview after the radio show.

Kelly said Ford addressed a number of the concerns councillors asked him to pass on to the mayor on Saturday, including acknowledging the impact of some of his actions and promising to get a full-time chauffeur to drive him.

The video saga earned Ford international headlines, with countless foreign media devoting space on their websites to the story.

With files from The Canadian Press and CityNews.ca staff


  • Linda Wray says:

    Your apology is weak and without sincerity. You really should have thought of the impact what you did and consequently lied about is doing to you’re family….and all you could say is “I made a mistake” WOW what a juvenile response. Get help Mr. Ford, and while you’re at it…take some anger management classes.

  • nazir says:

    Mayor Ford is a good man, just leave him alone.

  • Lynda says:

    I am a displaced ex Torontonian….and am ashamed of not only Ford but those fools that are still defending him. He is making Toronto and the position of Mayors everywhere a LAUGHING STOCK. Now even his brother is calling the police chief who finally has taken steps to find the video that has been KNOWN about for many many months as now out to get his poor brother………………….honestly!!!!!

  • Lumsden Beverley says:

    Enough already! leave Mayor Ford alone so he can get on with the work of the city. I’m not sure what a person look like if they are on crack, but Mayor Ford looks like he loves his food. ( Smile)

  • rick says:

    The council members and mayor have always included themselves as municipal employees. I wonder what would happen to a city employee caught drinking on the job or on city property.
    It is not just the recent incidents with Rob Ford, people should be looking at the accumulation of behavior by this mayor. It is about time he become accountable for all the past issues!

  • Rebecca Charette says:

    I think it is time for Rob Ford to go bury his head. He is in the news every week for some new stupidity. It is like having a child run the city. All his anger outburst, his drinking in public, drugs, the fraud scandal, all the times he called 911 when he first started in office…he has had more moments than anyone. He is an embarrassment, and it is time for him to step down.

  • susan says:

    Mayor ford do the right thing, step down so we torontians can hold our heads high again. Shame shame tooo many mistakes. U didn’t learn anything. Stop wasting OUR MONEY on your personal BAD HABITS. U are a bad joke.

  • Wade Goodwin says:

    Things I look at are….have these issues stopped Ford in doing his job? And also, if every member of Toronto city council was under similar scrutiny would they still appear as good as they currently do? It’s unfortunate that some people in a high profile job lose their personal life. Dose this condone his actions, of course it does not. But the world has painted a target on Mayor Ford and everyone is taking shots at him for their 5 minutes of fame with with a picture or video.

  • GUMMO says:

    We have all made mistakes, take a look in the mirror, ” Get over it ” I think he is doing the best he can with what he has to work with, There are lots of city’s in way worse shape than us .

  • VJS says:

    How many more mistakes will it take….It seems he apologizes every time he is backed into a corner….I think he has a lot of problems the least of which is texting while driving…Now the city is going to get him a full time limo…REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for the people of Toronto!!!!! He must be a real embrassment……. I wouldn’t tell anyone I live in Toronto…….

  • jennifer says:

    I just do not know why people do not get over them self’s I’m sure we have all done something in this life that we are not happy with or should not of done it but because Ford is some one big in this place you think is his the only one that has messes things up give me a brake get a life let the man have a life and BACK OFF

  • S. Chisholm says:

    You’d benefit from going back to school. Your comment verges on illiterate.

  • Becky Bujold says:

    My feelings are that there is not anyone of that would stand for such an attack on themselves or their family without making the same demands the Mayor is to the Chief of police.. I am not a politics follower but feel certain that everyone deserves a fair shake regardless of status…….

  • Gordon Boutilier says:

    Wow everybody had him pinned down and out – Blair is a loser trying to deflect the light away from his force . The star has lost so much market share they will say anything to get people to buy there paper.

  • Jennifer says:

    he is a big joke…….a disgrace

  • Joshua says:

    Like you

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