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New Rob Ford video surfaces: ‘I need f—ing 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead’

CityNews | posted Thursday, Nov 7th, 2013

The Toronto Star has published a video that shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford making death threats.

“I need f—ing 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead,” Ford can be heard saying on the video, which was posted to the Toronto Star website on Thursday.

Ford immediately responded to the video at city hall on Thursday, saying he was  “very, very inebriated” and he hoped none of the reporters had ever “been in that state.” He did not say what that state was or offer any explanation.

“Again, I’ve made mistakes…it’s extremely embarrassing,” he said.

Toronto police tell CityNews they have handed the video over to their investigators.

The context of Ford’s outburst is unknown, who he is threatening, who he is speaking to or who recorded the video.

Click below to watch the video:

In the video, Ford can be heard saying, “I’m gonna kill that f—ing guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder,” the Star reported.“I’ll rip his fucking throat out. I’ll poke his eyes out. . . . I’ll make sure that mother——’s dead,” he reportedly said.

On its website, the Star said it offered to show the video to members of the mayor’s inner circle on Wednesday. As of Thursday, no one had taken them up on the offer. The Star then posted the video online.

Earlier this week, after admitted he smoked crack cocaine, Ford famously said he had “nothing left to hide.”

The Toronto Sun posted a five-second clip about half an hour before the Star published its article.

The new video was “this week being shopped around by someone looking to make thousands of dollars,” the Toronto Sun reported. While the newspaper did not purchase the video or enter into negotiations, the newspaper did received two clips “which appear to show the mayor impaired and in an apparent rage and in an inebriated state.”

Watch the Toronto Sun video below:

The Toronto Sun said that “a source close to the mayor” confirmed it was Ford in the tape and that it “looks a lot worse than it is.”

Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, a former Ford ally, said in a statement Thursday the mayor needs help.

“In light of the latest video that has surfaced…I have grown more concerned and fear for his health now more then [sic] ever. If it is in their power, the Mayor’s family needs to intervene and attempt to get him to a drug rehabilitation centre,” he said.

“I fear that if the Mayor does not get help now he will succumb to health issues related to addiction,” Mammoliti said, adding he would be supporting deputy mayor Norm Kelly and the executive committee for the remainder of the term.

CityNews asked Ford’s lawyer if it would benefit the mayor to take a break.

“Obviously it would benefit them if they needed to take a break,” Dennis Morris said.

“Let’s hope for the best in the future because he’s a fantastic mayor. We just need him to stay healthy in every way emotionally and physically and every way possible so he could be a good father, a good mayor and a good husband.”

Last week, police Chief Bill Blair said investigators had recovered another video — first reported in May — showing Ford apparently smoking crack cocaine.

Many friends and supporters have been urging Ford to step aside and seek help. Others have called on the mayor to resign.

Earlier in the day, a visibly upset Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, a longtime friend of the Ford family, said the mayor had to make his own decision about what to do.

With files from The Canadian Press


  • Sabina Belacic says:

    A lot of us live a life day to day as we would like peole to see us living or lead them to believe…but mostly its not a life we are actually living…so I ask everyone right now to look within themselves and ask what they would like to change should it become public and significant…what will you change?

  • Christine says:

    Rob Ford is a bully and a buffoon but my concern is his wife. She is a ghost, we never see her. Now if he is protecting her from the media so be it but think back, we never see her in public. The kids get to go to school and hopefully folk keep them well protected or would speak up if they thought something was wrong.
    My question is who is looking out for Mrs. Ford? She is living with an addict who has a vile temper; I hope someone is looking out for her. My heart goes out to her.

  • Terry McDonald says:

    It’s all so very sad. I honestly believe the members of council have contributed greatly to his demise. Although his private life has never affected his work ethics, he has always been there standing up for the people, it is still so sad this is happening.
    I believe City Hall have wanted to remove him from office ever since he became Mayor, because he stood up for the people and listened, which is more than any other councillor/Mayor has ever done.
    Just listening to Jim Flaherty’s comments and I feel bad for all those who truly believe and love Rob Ford. Good luck my friend!

  • newzgerl says:

    Excuse me, weak kneed followers, did you just shoot the messenger? Are you actually thinking you’re decent people condemning those YOU employ (by virtue of partaking) for delivering the message??? If you don’t like what you hear or see when you eagerly click on the links or buy the paper or switch on the news, then it’s the media’s fault??? How else can people realize they need to help someone, or take action? Either stop partaking in the news or put the blame for behaviour upon those revealed as misbehaving. Not people making a living delivering information that everyone so desperately wants. If we wrote a front page story about a husband and wife who are in love and dote on their children, would you read it? Would you pay to read it? Would you click on it? Yeah. Shuddup.

  • Mirko Kazitami says:

    Im still voting for Ford . why arnt those crooks that stole our 1.8 BILLION dollars in jail or on the news?????? leave Ford alone … at least he doesn’t steal

  • Tom says:

    I still support Rob Ford. He hasn’t done any major damage to others, only to the perception of himself and I’d rather see his opposition get punished for slowing his vision down instead of finding ways to help make it a success.

  • A says:

    All the public servants who have been fired for behaving inappropriately, should be re-instated in their jobs. Because Rob Ford is the Mayor he cannot be fired? Then the system is grossly lacking in integrity. At this point, not just the mayor is unbelievably arrogant, but also all his supporters are as well; who are now displaying a kind of bigotry by casting a blind eye, on his bad behaviour. These same supporters can not behave in any kind of a similar manner, on their jobs, especially, if they are public employees, and be allowed to keep their jobs, no matter how ‘good’ of a job they are currently doing. This most recent clip of the mayor’s raging, doesn’t appear to be of a drunk mayor, just a beside himself angry, arrogant man.
    What are our young people learning from this? That certain jobs preclude you from taking responsibility for your actions, true responsibility, not just the well crafted ‘I am sorry’, that we have heard twice now. Most people are sorry when they get caught. The future is bleak people, if Mr. Ford is not removed from office. It is also bleak because of his supporters who cannot understand that by their misguided support of Rob Ford, they are in fact enabling, even encouraging, what by fair minded persons would consider to be unacceptable behaviour!

  • Bambi says:

    The Mayor of Toronto is a laughing matter for the world to make fun of – do you think he has respect for his position – I think not. You are right. He should be forced to leave his position or as you said, others should get their jobs back, but their behaviour can not compare with this behaviour. You know, it is amazing he hasn’t had a heart attack. I thought he was suppose to be on some health program to lose weight like his brother did. I guess he can’t stick to telling the truth even with his own life. What was the reason he wanted to be Mayor? Let us think back to his words prior to voting and hold him accountable.

  • Adam says:

    Wow, you people are incredible. You make excuse after excuse for this POS. Let me ask you this. Would you let him take care of your kids?
    “Everybody get pissed now and then, everybody makes a fool of themselves once n a while, everybody has something they’re ashamed of.” Really? If I made a total idiot of myself as often as this horses ass, I would have check myself in to the psych hospital long ago. He is the mayor of Toronto! Not some backwoods hick town! I am frigging embarrassed to be from Scarborough where way too many of his votes came from. You people that support this waste of space are as pathetic as he is. LOSERS!

  • Michelle says:

    The people who should be the most ashamed of their actions are the ones that work for the media. They are exploiting this city for ratings, sales, and MONEY. Ford is a human being, like the rest, who has issues that he needs to deal with. He is not a robot like most of the politicians who lie and steal right out of our mouths. People need to start doing their homework and see how much Rob Ford has done for this city and most importantly the people who live here! Even in a drunken rage, he STILL wants to DONATE. BIG DEAL, he’s drunk and angry… so what?! This was clearly not done in public but thanks to a douche trying make a quick buck, it’s all out now. We should be protecting him and not making a mockery out of him.

  • Jamal says:

    You should really do your homework before dictating the same to others. There is actual evidence of Rob Ford using the city’s money for personal foolishness. And the media is not exploiting him for money (entirely), they are trying to get him out of office (the Toronto Star notably). If you want to defend him as a human being, fine, I don’t give a S**t. But NO BODY who acts like that is fit to represent Toronto – or even to work as an employee flipping burgers.
    Furthermore, for the people defending him on the grounds of being honest, you somehow seem to forget that he lies, and lies, and lies through his teeth until media forces (particularly The Star) put him in a position where lying more would only lose the vote of the idiots who call him “honest”.
    The man clearly lacks self control, respect, and sense of responsibility. Sure he is human, and deserves to be treated as nothing less, But he Absolutely does not deserve to be treated as Mayor, or a leader of any sort.
    “Exploiting the city”? You disrespect the people who actually care about the city and have lost their jobs or been forced to quit in order to defend their moral obligations and sense of responsibility to it.
    Those of us attacking him aren’t saying “kill him, lock him up and throw away the key”, we’re saying get him the hell out of office and let someone responsible take over. And if he’s such a good mayor, re-elect him when he gets his sh*t together. As of now, he’s just an irresponsible, arrogant, racist, homophobic, undisciplined, uneducated, alcoholic, power hungry pothead who has taken more advantage of this city and it’s people than he has done good for them.

  • Daniel Ceci says:


  • Daniel Ceci says:

    More publicity equals more cash for the media,he is being made a mockery of world wild and i think its unfair to him as a person,This is just going to lead to more exploitation of others in power because the media the past week has obviously shown its okay.This is not the message we should be sending through these problems.

    On another note,this may sound to ignorant people like he’s trying to plot a murder, but to me or anyone else who has gotten half in the bag on a friday night..this sound like when a buddy asks you if you think you’d be able to take on which ever ufc maybe happen to be on tv at the time,and you go on like a drunken idiot really thinking you can “murder him” or pop his eyes out.

    And to the rest of the public that feels its necessary rant on Ford,good luck finding another mayor that pays his own expenses so you don’t have to.

  • sandie says:

    So, we now have a man who is drunk…and ranting…!!! You don’t know who he is talking about, or to whom he is talking…Is he committing a criminal offense here…NO..!!! Is he angry with someone.?..probably the person who filmed him with their phone, So we can understand his anger…many many people I know have gotten a bit drunk and went on a rant…cuz they wdnt normally say things like that when sober…LEAVE THE MAN ALONE… We the people voted him IN and we the people will decide next Fall if he is OUT….

  • Adam says:

    He’s such a great leader. The mayor of what once was the greatest city in North America. Now the city is a joke. The fodder of every late night comedian. And what a role model! Go ahead, tell your kids how it’s OK to lie, get publicly intoxicated, lie, smoke crack, lie, utter death treats, lie and the just apologize. As long as you say you’re sorry, it’s OK. You don’t have to mean it, just say it.

  • john verney says:

    Really Mike? Have you ever seen a boxer or MMA rip another guys eyes out and stand and wait till he is dead? you are an idiot, another member of Ford Nation I bet.

  • Mike Kingsborough says:

    Why do you have to be impaired and in a inebriated state to rage against another man? This is a good ol’ canadian boy talking about a boxing/wrestling match. Hello?!

  • Diane Shaw says:

    all i can say is wow hes a joke i feel sorry for his family that will have nothing when hes out of office … put him im biting my tongue in jail diguisting peice of work

  • muskokan says:

    Ford nation should be proud now!!

  • Denise LeBlanc says:

    In my own opinion he is drunk and high !

  • PT says:

    No wonder no one wants to be first to leave a comment! Ford, get out now. You think you’re the best mayor Toronto has seen? Oh yah? Don’t insult the memory of my Great Grandfather who was known for his honesty when he was mayor. Shame on those parents who sent their children with you yesterday! What an example you are.

  • Dave Rideout says:

    Seriously?!?! See what the media has done to this guy. People are now recording him and exploiting him. He has smoked crack, covered it up etc. One thing he has not done was blow 1 billon dollars of public money for a few votes. Which is worse? Toronto can vote him out of office in the next election, then Toronto can rebuild. How long will it take for Ontario to recover from all the mismanagement of funds?? This directly affects more people for far more time then anything Ford can ever do. Quit make mockery of something that is what it is…

  • Sharlene Callery says:

    I was thinking the same thing..thanks for saying it.

  • darlene says:

    i am sure there are more videos to find but instead of being so negative let Mayor Ford get professional help for himself & his family and get the cameras out of his face from day 1 there was a group hoping he would fail he hasn’t failed in his mayoral duties but for his sake & well being lets back off and let him get the help he needs. Great to see him suceed

  • Jamal says:

    Do you even know what Mayoral Duties are? The reason the media is so in his face is because he doesn’t believe he needs help. He refuses help. In fact, if you knew paid any attention to the media, you would know that. And if you agree that he is not healthy and need the help, then get him out of office for his own sake.

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