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City Brews: November 2013

BT Toronto | posted Wednesday, Nov 20th, 2013


CityNews meteorologist Adam Stiles, a fine connoisseur of beer, has compiled his top six Ontario beers that you should try this winter.  They are all featured in his City Brews six-pack picks for CityNews The 5!

1. Vanilla Porter, Mill Street Brewery
Highlight: Nitrogen charged
Flavours: Chocolate, hints of coffee, roasted malts & vanilla
Body: Full
Colour: Dark Amber, Thick frothy light mocha head
Texture: Creamy & Smooth
LCBO, retail shop at the distillery or many bars – $2.90/can

2. Vintage Winter Beard-D. Choc. Cran. Stout, Muskoka Brewery
Highlight: Cellared for one year. 2012 Vintage, could cellar for a two more years
Flavours: Chocolate & cranberry, roasted malts
Body: Full to thick
Colour: Deep chocolate colour…with a dark tan head to it
Texture: Velvety with mild carbination
ABV: 8% (can’t really taste it)
Pairs well with more chocolate or rich desserts like cheesecake or good company
LCBO or retail shop in Muskoka – $13.95

3. Tempest Imperial Stout, Amsterdam Brewery
Highlight: Could cellar for three years, if you can keep it cool and away from light
Flavours: More bitterness, bitter coffee flavours, burnt malts/smokiness, cocoa
Body: Heavy
Colour: Black, thin head, doesn’t stick around long
Texture: Thick, mild carbination, warming
ABV: 9%
LCBO or retail shop – $6.25/bottle
Note: Just released the Double Tempest Stout – 14% ABV

4. Lake Effect IPA, Great Lakes Brewery
Highlight: Weather and beer meet
Tank ten series – Brewers Choice
IPA: Hoppy beer
Flavours: Hops upfront carrying citrus notes like grapefruit, tangerine
Hints of pine and herbs
Body: Unfiltered – So medium to full
Colour: Hazy Orange with a white foam head…Laces the glass as you drink
Texture: medium carbination, Slightly oily, with bite
ABV: 7%
Pairs well with spicy foods and rich cheeses
LCBO or retail shop in Etobicoke – $5.95

5. Kissmeyer: Nordic Pale Ale, Beau’s B-Side BrewingLabel
Highlight: Takes international beers and recipes and makes them local. Kissmeyer is from Denmark but the beer is made here.
Flavours: Herbal & floral, rose hips, slight evergreen, slight syrup on finish
Body: Thinner/lighter
Colour: Golden to hazy orange
Texture: Light/higher carbonation, crisp
Hops, but not as hoppy as lake effect IPA
ABV: 5.2%
LCBO: $4.85/bottle

6. Conductor’s Craft Ale, Junction Craft Brewing
Sessionable: Can drink multiple in one sitting
Flavours: Hopped backed beer…plenty of malt and balance
Slightly bitter with tons of aroma
Body: Medium
Colour: Amber
Texture: Balanced
ABV: 5.2%
Pairs well with sharp cheese, BBQ and spicy food
LCBO or retail shop – $2.85/can

Watch the full segment below.


  • Cory says:

    Put the Audi R8 away for the winter. Jeeze!

  • Owen says:

    No need to look further…this is unbelievable: Vintage Winter Beard -Dark Chocolate Cranberry Stout form Muskoka Brewery

  • Jimi says:

    Alan Brown is terribly anal, well done Adam.

  • Alan Brown says:

    Adam, you have learned much but your journey is incomplete. Your next step is to learn how to describe the flavour of beer to non-beer people without using the words “hoppy” or “malty”, and how to describe the appearance of the beer without using the words “black”, “brown”, “red” or “yellow”. Have a conversation with Roger Mittag (Prud’homme) about this, he is an excellent resource on consumer-friendly descriptors. Or contact the Brewmaster program at Niagara College for some pointers — students learn to do this as part of their Sensory Evalutation training.

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