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Kevin Frankish leads the way for #BTMovember

BT Toronto | posted Friday, Nov 22nd, 2013

Kevin Frankish is proud to lead the Breakfast Television team with our Movember initiative.  A special thanks to Gillette Canada for kicking off our challenge with a whopping $25,000 donation!

Here’s how you can be involved:

Check out Kevin’s progress here:


  • Joan Gilbert says:

    Where is Kevin Frankish? Did he leave Breakfast Television and if so why?

  • Winston Sih says:

    Hi Joan,
    Kevin will be back Monday. He was on vacation.
    Winston Sih
    Digital Media Producer-Correspondent

  • kate says:

    kevin . lol , but I honestly think dina should grow on too LOL
    happy movvvvvvember

  • Heather Bryden says:

    Hi there! I watch Breakfast Television every morning love the show and will continue to watch following MOVEMBER – but, I can honestly say that you are not particpating at 100% because you are growing a beard as well. You are following rule #4 very closely to not join the two but personally it is too close (legal, but still not fun) You need to shave that beard to be a true MO BRO and look just as bad as the others who are participating! I understand that Gillette donated to your cause and I think you should use that as an incentive to go all the way! This cause is close to my heart as my dad died from prostate/bone cancer early in life. Men suffer for longer then 16 days with men related illness, I think you can shave that beard off and brave the moustache for a short amount of time your viewers will be very happy…but if that makes you uncomfortable…I understand and so will all the men who suffer longer then 16 days! (Did I make you feel bad, I didn’t mean too…well..yes..I kind of did! Still love the show!

  • Teresa says:

    Hi Kevin
    You look great in the purple sweater. Good for you, that’s a moustache isn’t it. Glad the Movember campaign is including mental health. There’s a lot of men who need help and hopefully when you talk about it it will remove the stigma and they will be able to get help. Thank you to everyone at BT for bringing awareness to the mental health issue you are helping a lot of people.


  • b campkin says:

    your stache is off side as you are growing a gotee which is against the rules of Movember shame on you!

  • Dana Goldhar says:

    Kevin…you cannot get any better looking then you already are…the moustache becomes you….you are a perfect example of what Movember is all about!

  • Albert Verbeem says:

    Mary Beth is right! Check out the Movember style guide. You should shave the goatee and go for the trucker look.

  • Mary Beth Kennedy says:

    Hmm Kevin you must be careful..the rules say your sideburns and beard can’t touch the stache…..

  • SyvanB says:

    good start Kevin!!

  • John Askin says:

    Looking good Kevin, in a couple of weeks it will show.

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