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City’s Spirit of the Season holiday party to be held Friday

Winston Sih | posted Thursday, Dec 19th, 2013

The Sheraton Centre Toronto hotel is offering Breakfast Television viewers a great rate for a stay, while helping raise funds for Daily Bread Food Bank, too.  The Sheraton Centre’s ‘Elevator’ rate of $139 per night includes a $10 donation to Daily Bread.

Fans and families are invited to celebrated with giveaways, live performances and donations to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Donations of a new, unwrapped toy for the Annual Toronto Auxiliary Police Toy Drive are also welcome.

The day-long yuletide extravaganza begins at 5:30 a.m. with a live broadcast on Breakfast Television, with coverage continuing on The 5, CityNews at Six and all day coverage on-site on 680News.

For those heading into town on Thursday night, the Sheraton Centre’s ‘Elevator’ rate of $139 per night includes a $10 donation to Daily Bread.

The Daily Bread said Thursday it has received $1.4 million and almost 200,000 pounds of food in its holiday drive. The food bank’s goal is to raise $2.5 million and one million pounds of food by Dec. 31.

The food bank’s executive director Gail Nyberg said in a statement that donations have been slow, but she expects more donations to come in next week closer to Christmas.

Stay on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19 before BT’s Spirit of the Season show, broadcasting live from the hotel’s lobby.

To book, visit www.sheraton.com/tospecials, or you can call 1 (866) 716-8101 and ask for the ‘Elevator’ Breakfast Television special  rate at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.

Click below to book now:


With files from CityNews.ca


  • Ayodele Bygrave says:

    I just want to thank Breakfast Television for hosting a wonderful Christmas party today!!! I couldn’t believe it when the camera man asked my daughter and I to join Kevin is his shot. I am quiet and was a little shell shocked and didn’t even say thank you. So thank you Kevin for being kind and warm. Dina is tall and frankly fabulous just like me : ) Frankie is amazing. He taught my older daughter how to read the daily weather report. Jenn is always on the move and has energy for days.

    And to think I almost didn’t make it all the way from Richmond Hill because my furnace JUST broke leaking water damaging my hardwood floors. Again thanks for making things better during this holiday/birthday season. My youngest daughter (Imani) turned 7 months yesterday and Myah is going to be 5 December 30th.

    Enjoy the holidays. You all make our days a little brighter!!

    P.S. Winston is a great addition to the BT family.

  • D Jay Family Entertainment says:

    D Jay the Entertainer and Lucia the face painter are thrilled to be part of the Christmas party again this year. Come see us for balloons and face painting. Check out our website at djayentertainment.ca

  • Sumana says:

    Just reserved!!! Priyanka, Anjalina & Charlie are all excited to celebrate with you all! Can’t wait!

  • Natasha Opara says:

    Hi Winston, I plan on attending the Christmas party on Friday for the first time with my kids. I will not be starying over though, do I need any confirmation or I can just come down on Friday morning? I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday! Love BT and my entire family wake up to you guys!!


  • Winston Sih says:

    No need for confirmation–just come on down Friday morning!

  • Diane Godfrey Doherty says:

    I have booked a one night stay for my 15 year old son and I to come into the city to see the BT gang. We watch you every morning. Bringing my son to see the live show and watch the audio visual techs behind the scenes will be a wonderful gift to him because this is what he would like to do once finished high school in 2 years. However I want to know if it would be possible to make this a gift he will always remember. I wondered if he would be able to get up close and really experience what it’s like to work on a major television show. I know it’s a lot to ask but after this difficult year it would be a precious gift. Sincerely, Diane Doherty

  • Jenny Geertsma Holder says:

    Sorry Winston for the 2 comments now 3!!! My computer obviously has a mind of its own today cause the first comment was not sending and actually deleted it and restarted my comp!! Have a great day and see you all on Friday! Jenny

  • jenny says:

    Good Morning Winston, I have booked my room about a week ago and did so through an agent as I live a distance away and did not want to miss out. I have been wanting to attend the Christmas Special with my Mom, Daughter and Granddaughter since they started doing them at the Sheraton. The four of us have been to a show before, when BT was at their last location, but never a Christmas Special! Thanks so much and can’t wait to see everyone! Kindly, Jenny

  • Linda Mitchell says:

    hope you guys had a great time this morning, have tones of fun. Love ya


  • jenny says:

    Good Morning Winston, I have booked our room about a week ago and am so excited about being there for the Christmas Special. I am coming with my Mom, Daughter and Granddaughter, four generations! We have been to a live show 4 years ago when they were at their previous location but being there this year will be special! Kindly, Jenny

  • Jeanene says:

    I booked and it was 139, have come down every year ! Love BT and so do my kids.

  • Winston Sih says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and your family there, Jeanene!

    Winston Sih

  • Cathy Krebs says:

    Actually, we booked on Wed. 11th. Now that we look at your add we see that are charged $10 over. We will copy paste to them with our confirmation number and I’ll let ya know what happens.
    Thanks so much and hope to meet ya Winston! You are a great addition to the team!

  • Cathy Krebs says:

    We pre booked last Friday and they told us $149 and $10 goes to the food bank as well. I called back and it made sense I think…that is the actual charge and the room would then be $139? They were very professional as usual. We called direct 😉 We will confirm upon check in.

    C ya then!
    Cathy 🙂

  • Lisa Eriksen says:

    Hi Winston, may I first say that I think you are just adorable! I was hoping to find out if the Tenors will be at the Christmas Party this year? I met them at it two years ago and they were so nice – stopped to pose for a pic with me and it’s been on my fridge ever since! Love those guys and I see they are part of the planned New Years festivities – fantastic! Thanks so much 🙂 LIsa

  • eerik says:

    Sheraton booking charges $149 for the elevator booking.

  • Winston Sih says:

    We just tried it on our end and it shows $139. Are you selecting the right offer?

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