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Rob Ford gets celebrity treatment in Los Angeles

CityNews | posted Sunday, Mar 2nd, 2014

Toronto’s controversial mayor is getting the celebrity treatment on a surprise trip to Los Angeles.

Rob Ford touched down in Tinseltown on Saturday and was greeted by late-night talk show jokester Jimmy Kimmel, who wore a chauffeur’s cap and held a sign reading “FORD.”

The mayor told reporters he’d “love to” to attend the Oscars on Sunday, and will also appear on Kimmel’s show — which has repeatedly ribbed the headline-grabbing Ford — Monday night.

When asked if he was taking Ford as his Oscar guest, a chuckling Kimmel replied “absolutely, wherever he wants to go.”

Ford says that after many requests he finally agreed to be a guest on Kimmel’s show because the host personally asked him.

Passersby snapped photos while Ford and Kimmel bantered as they made their way through the airport.

“I’m happy to have you here,” Kimmel told Ford.

“Thank you, thank you. We’re going to have a good time,” replied the mayor.

An upbeat Ford played along with Kimmel’s gag, slipping him a tip before hopping in a waiting vehicle.

Ford, who is running for re-election, rocketed to the attention of the international media after his bombshell revelation last year that he smoked crack while in office — an admission seized upon by wise-cracking late-night hosts in the U.S.

And in yet another sign he’s become the rare Canadian politician with name recognition stateside, a larger-than-life replica of Ford smoking a crack pipe was featured front and centre Friday in a Mardi Gras parade float sending up Canadian celebrities.

Twitter lit up on news of Ford’s L.A. trip.

“@TOMayorFord pls stay there,” one user quipped.

“THEY’RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU,” another posted.

With files from The Canadian Press


  • Sonia Massa says:

    Just go away & stop being the laughing stock of the city!! He’s such an attention seeker!! I wish that him & his arrogant brother would just disapear!!

  • sonia says:

    He’s an attention seeker!! He loves all the attention he’s getting not realising that all of it is a big joke on him & on our beautiful city!! I wish that him & his arrogant brother would just disapear & never being heard from!!

  • Connie Menard says:

    I wish he would just go away. He is an embarrassment to our great city. How can we stop him from making us look like a bunch of fools? He really thinks he is a celebrity and is too stupid to realize Jimmy Kimmel is making a joke of him. If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be sad.

  • ann2888 says:

    I think he should he is the Mayor of Toronto we have all made mistakes at one time or another I don’t live in Toronto but if I did I would vote for Rob Ford

  • Kripp K says:

    Hopefully, this is where he buries himself for the world stage to see. I did vote for him, but no way will I do it again!!! He’s an absolute embarrassment to the city and he is what he his…a waste of a lot of space!!!

  • sturgeon11 says:

    Our Mayor Mr. Rob Ford should take to the hi-lights while is has the opportunity to do so ! Let’s face it, he sure got a lot of guts, eh ! ! ! He must have nerve of steel, which you really need in a politician, especially the Mayor of Toronto (GTA). People just might say, hey, this guy’s got spirit and a lot of drive, my we should vote for him for our Mayor, eh ! Let’s face it, he gets things done ! He’s got my VOTE ! GOOD LUCK MR. FORD

  • Donna Gileo says:

    I think It is absolutely ridiculous. As if he hasn’t made a big enough fool of himself. Doesn’t he know that they are all making fun of him and just waiting for him to do something stupid. There will be all kinds of partying in LA. Maybe Charlie Sheen will invite him to his place and have a party. I am a Canadian and I am ashamed that he is a Mayor in any city in Canada..

  • Yvonne Hooper Mcguire says:

    I believe he suffers from Delusions of Granduer. Why do we accept hs behaviors, we wouldn’t of our children!

  • Yvonne Hooper Mcguire says:

    I believe the man suffers from Delusion of Granduer. Why is everyone rewarding him for his behaviors, we wouldn’t of our children!

  • L. May says:

    Stop it! Just stop!

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