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Civil liberties group urges midtown school to drop breathalyzer tests before prom

Winston Sih | posted Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is urging a Toronto secondary school not to make its students take a breathalyzer test before they can get into their upcoming prom.

According to a report on the Post City website, the CCLA sent a letter to Ron Felsen, the principal of Northern Secondary School, on Friday to say the policy is unconstitutional.

Northern adopted the plan because of problems with students drinking at past proms and other events.

Any student with alcohol on his or her breath will be denied entry into the May 29 event at the Eglinton Grand. The school will also notify the student’s parents.

The move has the support of the parent council, but students who believe their rights are being infringed upon asked the CCLA to weigh in.

Malvern Collegiate Institute has had a similar policy in place for 14 years and said it has worked to curb drunkenness and ensure a safe event for students.

With files from CityNews.ca


  • Steve Delbrocco says:

    Too bad the schools’ principal feels its justifiable to trample the constitutional rights of individuals’ freedom and privacy. Freedom in this country does not come easy. Many Canadians have made great sacrifices to gain champion and maintain the freedoms we enjoy today. It is very disturbing to see a school principal, a person in authority over our children, so quickly dismiss our country’s values. Because of a misguided assumption teenagers are going to come to prom under the influence of alcohol?
    The schools constantly beat our kids with ideas of equality and yet when it comes right down to it this principal is oh so far above our lowly children! This principal has zero trust in our children to do the right thing. And it shows zero faith in their own skills as an educator. Further it teaches our kids that the ideas of individuality privacy and freedom can be attacked on the whims of one individual with too much authority. And worse, that those attacks are acceptable and tolerable for certain situations. Frankly this principal has shown their true colours and should be summarily dismissed as an educator of children.

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