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#GetChecked with Kevin Frankish

Kevin Frankish | posted Friday, Jun 20th, 2014

I had the chance to undergo my first colonoscopy live on Breakfast Television this morning; I was put out and it was the best sleep ever!

Part one:

Part two:

Check out the behind the scenes video above and the photo gallery below.


  • Joe Mullin says:

    Congratulations Kevin for first of all coming through your colonoscopy procedure with only a couple of polyps and for being such an awesome sport and sharing your experience with all the BT viewers. You could very well have saved many lives by sharing this with all of us and proving that the procedure is painless, takes very little time overall with most of the time being just the time you spend on the toilet the day before! Being a cancer survivor myself, what you have done for your viewers is a wonderful thing. Many thanks again and wishing you many more years of good health!

  • Loraine Simmonds Newman says:

    I had mine a couple of months ago and the best news is to hear “see you in 5 years!”

  • Mare says:

    I was 36 years old when I had my first colonoscopy. The doctors were able to detect early the beginnings of colon cancer that was surgically removed. I go for a colonoscopy every two years and strongly urge others who might be afraid to do the same. I really believe it saved my life!

  • Charles Knister says:

    Boy Kevin, There is a side of you I never thought I’d see. lol

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