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Dashcam captures TTC bus running red; nearly striking pedestrian

CityNews | posted Tuesday, Jul 22nd, 2014


The TTC is investigating after a dashcam captured a bus running a red light and nearly striking a pedestrian in Scarborough Monday morning.

A CityNews viewer submitted the video, which shows the bus driving along Eglinton Avenue at around 9:15 a.m.

The light at Eglinton and Ionview Road turns red, and another car stops — but the bus begins to accelerate. At the same time, a pedestrian starts crossing the street directly into the path of the oncoming bus, which is forced to swerve to avoid hitting her.

A person in the car with the dashcam can be heard cursing in shock before saying, “I thought she was going to die there.”

The TTC’s Brad Ross says buses often can’t stop on a dime like smaller cars and would potentially cause more injury by doing so. But he doesn’t think that was case this time.

Ross, who viewed the video Tuesday, said it appears there was plenty of time for the bus to slow down and come to a full, safe stop at the red light.

“Clearly, based on the viewing of this video, there was an opportunity for that bus to stop,” he said.

“Given that the pedestrian stepped off the curb and the bus had to swerve to avoid that pedestrian, that is concerning and that is why we need to review this.”

Ross said the TTC will take steps to identify the bus and bring the driver in to be interviewed about the incident before deciding if disciplinary measures will be taken.

“This could have been much worse and we are grateful of course that it wasn’t,” he said.

“Safety is number one for the TTC, somebody clearly looks to have dropped the ball (in this case), and we need to understand why.”

Another bus can be seen in the video a few seconds earlier going through a yellow light at the same intersection. The TTC is not believed to be reviewing that incident.


  • Susan Lioness says:

    I am tired of the TTC buses driving like they own the entire road! This is just one example of the way the TTC buses act in the suburbs. There are dedicated bus lanes at high traffic times yet the buses will be in the middle lane rather than the bus lane. They simply cut into traffic without even making any attempt to do so safely. On a daily basis I see cars having to slam on their brakes rather than be destroyed by a bus pulling back into traffic. I get it – it is not the best job but seriously how about some consideration for the other drivers on the road. Why do we see 3, 4 and 5 of the same bus running together empty???? I have asked the TTC and am told its traffic- if that was the answer then they should be far apart not traveling in a pack!! Then they play hop scotch and take over 2 lanes in a 3 lane road causing major confusion and back up of traffic. We need and deserve a respectful appropriately run and trained TTC, more subways and less buses!!! I am not even going down the road of the rudeness of the bus drivers to the public!

  • Robert Feldman says:

    The Driver of the bus in question should be released from his/her duties immediately. As you can see in the video, the bus begins to pull into the right turn lane as if to stop to drop/pick-up passengers, but does not and pulls back left and accelerates through the RED swerving to avoid the pedestrian. There were no LEFT signals either!

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