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How to remove corn from the cob quickly and easily

Irene Ngo | posted Thursday, Aug 21st, 2014

We love our fresh Ontario sweet corn! While it’s delicious grilled and eaten straight from the cob, the sweet kernels also make a great addition to summer salads and sides. Removing corn from the cob can be a messy job, so I’ll show you an easy way to keep those kernels under control.

Sweet corn season only lasts until early fall, so make sure to pick up a bushel on your next farmers’ market trip to use in these recipes!

Harvest corn pancakes
Easy chicken tostadas
Sausage and corn salad
Herbed miso corn
Summer corn-pasta salad


  • Phil Wagstaff says:

    We’ve been doing that in our family for fifty years or more. Grandmother had bad teeth. Always used to cut the corn from the cob that way. Want it even safer? Stick a fork or corn holder in the top of the cob and your fingers are nowhere near the sharp edge of the knife if it ever slips.

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