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TIFF Day 3: Fans get glimpse of Garner, Stiller & Pacino

BT Toronto | posted Saturday, Sep 6th, 2014

Fans got a glimpse of the stars of While We’re Young, Manglehorn and Men, Women & Children, which were three of the many films making their premieres on Day 3 of the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

Men, Women & Children is Jason Reitman’s latest film, starring an ensemble cast, including Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler and new Hollywood heartthrob, Ansel Elgort, who was in The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.

Reitman’s film focuses on the power that digital technology has on the intimate relationships between family members, friends, lovers and spouses.

Garner, Sandler and Elgort all walked the red carpet on Saturday ahead of their film’s world premiere at Ryerson Theatre.

On having worked with both Jason and his father, Ivan Reitman, Garner said, “I love the Reitman boys. I would be so happy if I could just ping pong back and forth between the two of them…I feel like I had a lucky year.”

Sandler, who has been in Toronto for several months filming his own movie, said he loves the city.

“Everybody’s been going way out of their way for me. Everyone here in Toronto, whenever there was traffic because of the movie, I apologize!”

“But we had the best time,” he said, adding he loved the restaurants, the Ripley’s museum and the Bata Shoe Museum, where he donated a pair of his own shoes.

Ben Stiller, who stars in While We’re Young about an uptight documentary filmmaker and his wife, had similarly nice things to say about Toronto and TIFF.

“This rivals any Hollywood Boulevard premiere,” he said. “It’s so cool. I wasn’t expecting this.”

His co-star Naomi Watts, who also stars in St. Vincent that premiered on Friday at the festival, said it was amazing to work with Stiller.

“I’ve had an incredible year in terms of working with great comedians and he’s another one. Last night we were here talking about Bill [Murray] and tonight Ben Stiller is incredibly talented. It’s just wonderful being in his presence. He’s so understated and so wonderfully talented.”

She also gave shout outs to While We’re Young’s director,  Noah Baumbach, and the young kids in the film too.

Other co-star Amanda Seyfried said, “It was a different kind of challenge for me, working with Noah. You know he’s going to make something insanely thought provoking and awesome.”

Breakfast Television’s Kevin Frankish ran into Al Pacino in the lobby of a hotel earlier Saturday, and on the red carpet of the North American premiere of Pacino’s film, Manglehorn, the two had a fun moment acting like they were old friends.

But on a more serious note, Pacino agreed that it was getting harder to sell films these days saying there are 400 films alone at TIFF.

But he wouldn’t plug his own film when Frankish told him to say. “This is Al Pacino. So I really need you to go see…”

Pacino said, “I hope you see Manglehorn. It’s an interesting film. David Gordon Green. He’s a great director . It was a joy working on this film.”

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