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I know Tim Warmels because I used to be him!

| posted Friday, Sep 19th, 2014

If you woke up this morning with vivid memories of helicopters and dream dates with Canada’s most eligible bachelor… you’re not alone! For the next ten weeks, Friday mornings bring a steamy hangover as most of us recover from our own group dates watching the newest season of The Bachelor Canada.

It seems we’ve been waiting forever for Season 2 to begin – watching the promos, the big Bachelor reveal in Hello! Canada and checking out the new crop of female suitors from across Canada. I’ve personally been on the edge of my seat waiting for the new season of Bachelor Canada or, as I like to call it, The Bachelor Canada: Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster, and More Handsome! Because I can confidently say that Tim Warmels is all of those things. How? I’ve met Tim and interviewed Tim but, more importantly: I used to be Tim.

Not in a weird way, this isn’t a stalker case brewing. I, Brad Smith, was the first Bachelor Canada. So the lovely people at HELLO! Online have asked me to chime in each week with my thoughts on the show and give my perspective, based on solid background in the field of all things #BachCan.

So, the second season kicked off last night the way all seasons should! Women at home were surely fawning over the semi-clothed new Bachelor, a small-town Canadian boy who went from the farm to business school, worked on Bay Street, runs a contracting business and drives motorcycles.

As he stands in waiting, the limos pull down the perfectly hosed, glistening driveway, and viewers immediately hear the visceral reaction the ladies have to Tim. Having been in Tim’s shoes, I can safely assure you that his nerves were through the roof, mouth completely dry and his heart was beating out of his chest!

The limo exits and first impressions are awesome to watch, but you and I know we’re all waiting for the cocktail party for things to get interesting (and alcohol-fuelled!). Night one is always the most complicated night. Twenty-five different backstories merged into one blur of a conversation… and then you’re asked to eliminate ten. Oh, and one woman could be your fiancée in a few weeks! It’s beyond overwhelming.

So for all you readers, here’s my take on the ladies:

1. Kaylynn (Vancouver, BC): Kaylynn is stunning and oozed confidence coming out of the limo in her blue dress. You could easily tell it was Tim’s first “yowza” moment! She became a little insecure despite sharing a great moment with Tim where he admitted he’d like to kiss her. But I say she’ll be around for a while.

2. April Brockman (Wasaga Beach, ON): With a dress straight off of Jessica in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, she definitely made an impression on Tim (and Canada!) Beautiful and slightly standoffish, it remains to be seen whether he’ll win her over.

3. Trisha (Edmonton, AB): Usually the pageant-queen routine is a bit much, but Trisha was too cute and bubbly to think anything besides. Way to own it! And you can’t forget her name… it’s on her sash!

4. Christine (Vancouver, BC): When the words “I’m a vocalist” come out, I usually cover my ears. I’m sorry, but I had to cover my eyes as well – this one was painful! But Tim saw something I didn’t and gave her a first impression rose! Maybe he’s tone deaf?

5. April Borgnetta (Victoria, BC): Job description: vagitian. Need I say more?

6. Lisa (Calgary, AB): After 5 minutes, we already have our Villain – and I’m sorry for all women of Calgary because that’s two years in a row that Cowtown has gotten a bad rap. After my season with Whitney (who is actually a great person), I know what Lisa’s brooding looks, drink tossing and statements like “I don’t care about any of these girls” mean…

7. Jenny (Hong Kong/ Vancouver, BC): A personal trainer from Hong Kong and Vancouver with what appears to be a South African accent. I dig it! She seems down-to-earth, unafraid and she can really wear a drink – that is, after Lisa spills one all over her! I hope she stays around a while.

8. Natalie (Cambridge, ON):  This French teacher drives a Camaro. As a kid from Quebec, who needs more? Tim didn’t, and gave her a first impression rose. She seems sweet and innocent, but she clearly fell in love with Tim within a few moments of night one. Could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

This leads us into the Rose Ceremony, were Tim’s varied selection left everyone wondering about his taste – and what type of girl will get the guy.

Way to keep them guessing, Big Guy!

And now, there are only fifteen left! Tim eased Kaylynn’s worries with the opening rose and kept personal favourites April Brockman, Trisha, Sonia (a 42-year-old lingerie model), Jenny and the early crowd favourite and resident villain: Lisa.

I was surprised to see him say goodbye to Sarah, whom we didn’t see much of throughout the night. Same with Rebecca – it would have been nice to see a sweet girl from Calgary, and she even made him an apple pie. My guess: she’s no Betty Crocker!

Well it’s going to be a long and interesting season. And if the trailer for the season is any indication, we now know that Tim enjoys standing thoughtfully on bridges, making out and looking muscular by the waterside. And a woman from Calgary causes quite the stir among the ladies. Seems like I’ve lived this one before… minus the muscular part!

My first prediction for the Final Three:

Kaylynn, April Brockman and Lisa (have to keep some spice in there!)

Until next time, catch me every weekday morning on Breakfast Television (City, 5:30 AM to 9 AM). Each Friday at 8:10 AM, Dina Pugliese and I will be discussing all things #BachCan on BT. And follow me on Twitter: @bradcsmith!

Bye for now,

Bachelor 1.0

25 hopefuls vie for Tim’s love on City’s The Bachelor Canada

Cityline | posted Thursday, Sep 18th, 2014

Tim Warmels looks for love on the second season of The Bachelor Canada, premiering Thursday night on City.

Warmels has 25 bachelorettes competing for his attention, among them a lingerie model, an ER doctor and a personal trainer.

Born and raised in Campbellville, ON, Warmels attended business school at the University of Western Ontario before moving to Toronto and becoming an investment banker on Bay Street. He’s now exploring a number of tech ventures, and enjoys travelling and modelling in his spare time.

The best way to follow along with the show this season is on the brand new responsive site, as well as the Bachelor Canada appDownload it on your iPad to access video and photos from the show, bios of Tim and the contestants, the always-popular live chat, the Virtual Rose game (select your favourite ladies each week and see if they align with Tim’s picks), and the Fantasy Pool! Make your selections before the show airs weekly for your chance to win prizes from The Shopping Channel!

The Bachelor Canada, Season 2 premieres Thursday, September 18 at 8pmET (9MT/7CT) on City.

@bachelorCA (Twitter)
@BachCanTim (Twitter) / @timbo0505 (Instagram)

5 ways to put money in your pocket right now

Cityline | posted Thursday, Sep 18th, 2014

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! If you’re willing to make some temporary minor changes, you have the ability to save as much as you please. Whether you are saving for a trip or just want a little extra cash in your pocket, Bruce Sellery has brought us five genius ways to make that happen.

1. Advertise your motivation prominently
Who wants to cut spending? No one. It requires sacrifice and a change of habit, and that means we have to stay motivated. First you must figure out your “why.”

I want money in my pocket for:

  • Retirement
  • RESPs
  • Emergency fund
  • Vacation

To maintain your “why,” it’s crucial to take precautions so you don’t encounter any slips. Here’s what to do:

  • Write down one word or a get a picture of something you want that requires more money than you can spend. Put it on your fridge, on your phone, or anywhere that it will be in sight. For example, if you are dying to travel to Australia, print out a picture and post it up for the world to see. This picture will be your motivation to keep saving until you can reach your goal.
  • Talk to your friends and family about your plans to save. If you advertise that you are cutting back, you will be held accountable for your actions

2. Go “Cash Only”
Take your credit card and debit card out of your wallet immediately so you can reintroduce the pain of actually spending your money. Let’s face it, we are lazy. When spending is hard, we do less of it. By only using cash, you will have to plan ahead and make the effort to go to the bank and take out money—and who has time for that?! This will limit those impulse buys.

3. Renegotiate your phone and Internet packages
We get lazy about this too. Sometimes we don’t even know where our money is going—especially with our technologies. Even more, sometimes you will sign up for an expensive internet package that you aren’t using to its potential, and therefore wasting your hard-earned money. A major revamp is in order.

Here is the process:

  • Analyze your usage of your cell phone, landline, cable, and internet.
  • Research competitive pricing.
  • Call your provider and ask for “retention.”
  • Negotiate for a better deal.

4. Shop from your own cupboards
Buy only a little bit of bread, eggs, and milk, but mostly eat from your cupboards for as long as you can. Use up what’s in there (this means all those canned beans and rice packets that you always overlook). From here, you will be able to see what you actually use and  what you don’t.

5. Cut out one spending category for 3 months
We have a limited amount of willpower, so there is no use going overboard right away. You can’t control yourself in every area all the time. So choose one category (like smoking, drinking, or clothes shopping) where you spending a lot of money (relatively speaking) and be ruthless about it for 3 months.

Good luck!

Courtesy of Bruce Sellery


Mayor Ford diagnosed with rare form of cancer, doctors ‘optimistic’

Michael Talbot | posted Wednesday, Sep 17th, 2014

Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a rare form of abdominal cancer, but the mayor’s Mount Sinai colorectal surgeon said he’s “optimistic” it can be treated and says it hasn’t spread to any organs.

Initial treatment will consist of two rounds of chemotherapy, starting within the next 48 hours.

“The diagnosis is a malignant liposarcoma,” Dr. Zane Cohen confirmed. “It’s fairly aggressive, but we are treating this very aggressively in order to eradicate the tumour.”

Cohen said he’s “optimistic about this tumour” because it is responsive to chemotherapy, and Mount Sinai has one of the largest centres in Ontario to deal with sarcomas.

“This particular liposarcoma is more sensitive to chemotherapy than most sarcomas,” he said. “We will be able to say more after the (chemotherapy treatment).”

The type of tumour Ford has “comprises about one per cent only of all cancers,” Dr. Cohen revealed, adding that it originates in soft tissue, like fatty tissue, rather than organs.

The abdominal tumour is 12-by-12 centimetres and Dr. Cohen said it has likely been growing for several years, although a CT scan in 2011 for a kidney stone didn’t reveal any masses.

“These types of tumours are often slow growing, to get to the size that it is now, it is often several years,” he added.

A small two centimetre cancerous nodule has also been found in the mayor’s buttock behind his left hip, and Dr. Cohen called it “part of the same tumour.”

The cancer diagnosis was made with a second biopsy on Monday, after the first one from last week proved inconclusive.

“Depending on his (response to chemotherapy we’ll decide) what we do next,” he added. “He may require further cycles of chemotherapy.”

Cohen said other possible treatment options following chemotherapy include radiation and surgery.

In the meantime, political strategist Jim Warren says Ford insiders tell him Doug Ford will remain in the mayoral race.

“He will remain in the race because it gives Rob hope to fight through the chemotherapy … and literally have the fight of his life,” he told CityNews.

Doug Ford released a statement shortly after Dr. Cohen made the diagnosis public.

“Rob will beat this,” he said.

“He is an incredible person, husband, father, brother and son and he remains upbeat and determined to fight this.”

“Rob has always been so strong for all of us and now I ask us to be strong for him.”

Doug Ford’s rivals in the race to be Toronto’s next mayor were quick to respond to the cancer diagnosis.

Olivia Chow, who lost her husband Jack Layton to cancer in August 2011, said Ford should embrace the public’s support as doctors work to fight the aggressive disease.

“I know what it’s like when a family receives bad news, but I also know the strength that the support and warm wishes can give to you,” she said. “I hope the Ford family can feel that warmth that envelopes them right now.”

“I know that Rob Ford is strong, he’s a fighter.”

John Tory, who leads the mayoral race in the latest polls added: “Mayor Ford is a husband, a son, a brother a father, and I extend my best wishes and my continuing deep concern and my thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.”

EXCLUSIVE: iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus review

Mike Yawney | posted Wednesday, Sep 17th, 2014

On Friday, Apple will begin selling the highly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Canada. CityNews technology specialist Mike Yawney was the only Canadian broadcast journalist to get his hands on the devices early to put them through their paces. Here is his exclusive review.

Week of Sep. 15, 2014

BT Toronto | posted Sunday, Sep 14th, 2014

Coming up on Breakfast Television this week:

From signed jerseys to street signs, and Stanley Cup replicas, we’re launching the Shopping Channel’s highly anticipated NHL merchandise on Monday!

Former professional wrestler and fitness guru Trish Stratus is in on Wednesday.

Plus, on Friday, Canadian rock band Simple Plan stops by the BT studios.

Be sure to watch BT weekdays 5:30 to 9 a.m. on City, right here at BTtoronto.ca, or on our Breakfast Television mobile app for iOS and Android!

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