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Comedian Russell Brand slams Harper for reaction to Ottawa shooting

The Canadian Press | posted Saturday, Oct 25th, 2014

A British celebrity isn’t wowed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s handling of the aftermath of the shooting of an honour guard at the National War Memorial.

Harper’s address to Canadians after Wednesday’s deadly rampage that included a gunfight on Parliament Hill was the subject of The Trews, comedian Russell Brand’s YouTube series in which he dissects media coverage of current events.

“The incidents in Ottawa are being used to advance a narrative that will not only entitle them to further wars abroad, but will entitle them to inhibit our freedoms,” Brand says in the Oct. 23 episode.

He says Harper’s repeated emphasis on terrorism and Islam are a subtle way of advancing a Conservative political agenda focused on increased military deployment.

Brand, who has produced 174 episodes of The Trews since it debuted this past February, has only recently become widely known for his political engagement.

Brand went on to contrast the political reaction to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s slaying at the National War Memorial with the reaction after Justin Bourque’s shooting rampage in Moncton, N.B. earlier this year, in which three RCMP officers were gunned down.

Brand concluded the Moncton shooting didn’t receive the same degree of attention from Harper because it was perpetrated by a disaffected white Canadian rather than someone believed to have ties to a perceived foreign enemy.


  • Skeff says:

    I’m shocked to see so much “what do you know, Russell?” hate on Canadian sites this video is posted on. It’s usually stated by people who later make some comment referring to his non-Canadian accent or it’s a comment referring to his past.

    He’s hitting the nail on the head. He’s got the same access to the same news as Canadians.

    The manipulation through speech isn’t anything new and yet some of the people who left comments still don’t realize it. It just goes to show how things won’t change either because of ignorance, purposeful or not, and/or some sense of patriotism. While it may have been the case 100+ years ago before Globalism, living in a country (like the second largest one) doesn’t mean they know more than anyone outside that country. Even if it’s because of the citizenship tests, American immigrants know more about America than Americans do.

    I’ve learned first-hand that people don’t like those who point out the other side of the argument. I’ve also learned first-hand that people generally believe the side of an argument or a position that they’re told first.

  • Alexandra Kikilidis says:

    Russel Brand what do u know, who do u think u are. Why dont u bad mouth other countries and ppl instead of canada and Harper. He isnt telling us how to think he is telling us to becareful casue u never know what could happen next. Why dont u learn more about canada before mocking it and talking about stuff u dont know nothing about. Just listening to u is giving me a head ache, talking about things u know nothing about. U started ur own thing called trew news, which it should be called fake news with bashing other countries and giving headache`s to ppl. get ur facts straight before u opem ur mouth and all before u bad mouth canada

  • David Harding says:

    Here Russell, is a response, think about it.

  • Mark Murray says:

    Who the hell does Russel Brand think he is? Where was he educated? Has he ever been to Canada? Is he always an asshole or is this a one time thing. Hey Russel shut your stupid gob.

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