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Breakfast Television goes to the dogs

| posted Thursday, Oct 30th, 2014

I had to dog sit on Breakfast Television today.


  • Loraine Simmonds Newman says:

    Love you guys!! Kevin your dogs were so well behaved.

  • Lynn Flatley says:

    Adorable of course.
    I’m thinking the various Toronto broadcasters should have some kind of dog rodeo to raise funds, perhaps for a spay/neuter program through Toronto Animal Services, or some such. Or maybe a meet and greet at this years Woofstock, etc.
    Beverly Thomson over at Canada AM has two of the most gorgeous dogs as well and I don’t doubt there are many more cherished animal companions in the media community. Anyway, just a thought, but love seeing the four-legged members of the family drop in for a visit.

  • Aneczka says:

    Hey Kevin you did amazing job dog sitting today. I been watching you all morning (every morning BT IS THE BEST ON THE WEST!!!!!) all of you guys are amazing .Soon am going for my vacation so maybe i will consider you as a dog sitter for my little airdale terrier . Cheers!!!!!

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