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Cineplex postpones ‘The Interview’ screenings in Canada amid hacker threat

BT Toronto | posted Wednesday, Dec 17th, 2014

Those looking to take in the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco satire, The Interview, will have to wait a little longer.

Cineplex Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it would be postponing the Canadian screenings of the film after hackers threatened 9/11-like attacks.

“Cineplex takes seriously its commitment to the freedom of artistic expression, but we want to reassure our guests and staff that their safety and security is our number one priority,” the company says in a release. “We look forward to a time when this situation is resolved and those responsible are apprehended.”

The film about the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jong-un was scheduled to be released nationwide on Dec. 25, with Toronto’s premiere screening scheduled for Thursday at the Scotiabank Theatre.

A representative for Sony Communication told CityNews they are unsure right now if there will be future screenings of the film.

The movie’s New York premiere was also cancelled Wednesday due to the threats.

The hackers, who said they were also responsible for seizing control of Sony Corp.’s computer system last month, have warned people to stay away from cinemas showing the film and darkly reminded moviegoers of the Sept. 11 hijacked plane attacks on the United States in 2001.

“We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time,” the hackers wrote.

“(If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)”

Sony executives had earlier told theatre owners it would not pull the film but added they would not object if they decided to cancel screenings, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

Police departments in Los Angeles and New York said they were taking the warning seriously.

With files from Reuters


  • Beefers says:

    I watched the discussion between the two hosts this morning. I find it unbelievable that one host would be willing to put his own family in risk of personal injury or death in the name of ‘freedom’ over a stupid movie.
    People have died for centuries on such simple principles. He is proof the old ways still prevail among many.

  • Stan Hayden says:

    We talk about freedom of rights and speech, we forget, this is our way. If someone else disagrees, that’s their right. We should respect that instead of provoking conflict. What did Hollywood think was going to happen?? If they want to make movies about killing their own President or some other high profile figure the go for it, but leave the others alone. Its time we stopped provoking other countries, political activists and religions with money making movies. I don’t go to movies anymore because of the crap that is supposed to be entertainment.
    I spent over 30yrs wearing the uniform of this nation, defending our way of life and decency of Canadians. We maybe ridiculed about our military in jest, but make no mistake, we have a reputation of being ruthless when provoked, WW1 and WWII were testaments of our ability to fight and win. Let the U.S. do what they want, we as Canadians can go our own way. We have lots of work to do to cleanup our own backyard, lets focus on that. We have too many going hungry and homeless families who need help, but continue to spend our monies else where.

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