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Easy things you can do to help the homeless

Winston Sih | posted Tuesday, Jan 27th, 2015

Below is a list of the charitable organizations you can partake in and around Toronto to aid the homeless. We want to start a conversation–comment below with your organization picks, and we’ll add them to the list.

Thank You Toronto

Sells hats for a good cause.

Click here for more info.

Raising the Roof

Buy a toque and help those experiencing homelessness move towards a better future. It’s an investment that makes sound economic and social sense.

Click here for more info.

Tokens 4 Change

Raising funds for Youth Without Shelter, a shelter in Etobicoke that gives a home to 1,000 homeless youth a year.

Click here for more info.

More viewer-submitted organizations:


  • Laurie ~`L`~ says:

    Debbie-Durham I could not agree more. What makes me angry is, there are so many homeless people, yet…TCHC has a lot of vacant 2 bedroom units that have been that way for months. TCHC could easily fit 4 if not more people into each 2 bedroom unit. Its a thought, however one that would be knocked down if ever presented to the Government.

  • justsocks.ca says:

    justsocks,ca raises funds online to provide NEW socks to the homeless through our partner McGregor Socks.
    NEW socks are the most needed item of clothing for the homeless yet the least donated.Help our current sock drive #TOemergencysockdrive
    A $20 donation provides 25 prs. of socks to the homeless. We are at $14,000 and need $11,000 more to match our donor’s challenge of $25,000
    Please donate& receive an instant tax receipt http://t.co/6vRQuaWgqm

  • Ted Brown, Regeneration says:

    Regeneration Outreach Community in Brampton serves the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. We serve a healthy, hearty breakfast seven days a week. We have showers and laundry facilities. We have a clothes closet. Check us out at http://www.regenbrampton.com. Follow us on twitter @regenbrampton.com. Like us on Facebook


    We are part of a Canada wide fundraiser called Coldest Night of the Year. Do you want to help the homeless in Brampton? Check out


    Thanks Breakfast Television for bringing awareness!

  • James Burchell says:

    I applaud Rogers and BT Toronto for addressing the homelessness issue head on. I was very touched by the segment where Kevin interviews the Reverend Dr, John Stephenson from St. Timothy’s.

    I am a Scarborough resident and am becoming increasingly aware of the dire conditions that many of the homeless encounter each and every day. We seem to only notice however when extreme weather conditions are top of mind.

    I agree with you that more needs to be done by the city, but as a Scarborough advocate I also feel that round table discussion with prominent Scarborough champions, businesses, BIA’s community and professional associations, local government officials, school boards and religious organizations needs to be established where we all fully engage in and come up with attainable action plans with accountable benchmarks to measure traction.

    Mayor Tory has stated that more needs to be done and will be done, but he cannot do it alone. Scarborough, known for its diversity and newcomer residency should also be recognized for the neighbourhood with heart.

    I challenge all Scarborough residents to become involved in finding solutions in helping our fellow man.

    James Burchell

    Passion is our driver, Vision is our compass, Community is our destination – Carpe Diem!

  • Debbie-Durham says:

    Why can’t our Government help out by purchasing a empty 6 or 7 fl. Apt. building, then have it renovated, and if people want to help out, then donate unused furniture, blankets, food, & have volunteers go there and help cook meals & clean & Name he building HOME FOR THE HOMELESS then at least they get a warm bed, hot meal or just a warm building to sleep in,

  • Anne Topp says:

    Street Haven (the first women’s shelter in Toronto) has offered many services for the past 50 years to homeless women. They offer an emergency shelter, 6 month residential treatment, supportive housing and upgrading and computer classes. We are them and they are us…..nobody planned on being homeless.

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