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Kitchen hacks: 5 creative ways to use your tools

Cityline | posted Tuesday, Apr 7th, 2015


Take a whisk from your mixer at home (or buy one from the dollar store), take the handle off, fit it into your drill and go! Mixing has never been easier! Your eggs or cake batter will mix up in no time.

Cleaning up:

Why not make your chores fun? Buy a baby bottle cleaning brush, add it into the clutch of the drill, dip it into soapy water and clean! You can also use this in the bathroom to clean your grout, and it can even help clean your tires.


Working on detailed projects can be very difficult, so why not use an electric toothbrush? Cut the bristles off of the toothbrush, take male velcro (the rough side), cut it and attach it to the bristles with construction adhesive, then cut sandpaper and put it right on top. This is great for sanding the small, hard-to-reach places.

Peeling apples:

If your kids don’t like eating apples with the peel on, Leigh-Ann has a shortcut for you! Insert a spade bit into your drill, stick it into the centre of the apple and turn it on. As the apple is spinning, put a peeler against the apple and watch as the skin peels off in seconds!

Peeling potatoes:

Snap off the end of a toilet brush and stick it into your drill. Boiling your potatoes for four to five minutes before hand will help soften them up. Take the drill, stick it into a pot of water and potatoes and mix it up for 1 to 2 minutes. Watch as the potato skin miraculously peels off!

To see all of Leigh-Ann’s kitchen hacks in action, watch the video below:



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