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Ready in 30 minutes: our top tips for a faster morning prep

LOULOU | posted Friday, Apr 24th, 2015

Dirty hair?

 Just wash the front: No time for a full shampoo and blow-dry? Just wash and dry your bangs (or the front section of your hair) and then tie the rest back in a bun. This look is slick – and super-quick! If you want to leave your tresses loose, just add a little texture by curling a few sections with a curling iron and…voila! It’ll look like you’ve got a freshly washed coif.

Try dry shampoo: Introducing your new BFF: dry shampoo. The trick is to spray it on from a 15-centimetre distance and then not touch it for at least two minutes. Give the spray some time to work its magic (say, while you’re doing your makeup), and then shake out your tresses and finish off your coif with a little straightening cream (or dry conditioner) on your tips.

Style it while you sleep – part 2If you know you won’t have time to style your hair in the morning, give yourself a side braid or a topknot the night before. Make sure your ’do is tight before you hit the sack; that way you’ll wake up to an intentionally messy (and oh-so-trendy!) coif.

Plan for the mega-rush days: Stick a hat on it!


Don’t bother: The quickest way to do your makeup? Skip it altogether and head out with a real-deal #wokeuplikethis look. For ladies who aren’t totally comfortable going 100 percent makeup-free, here are some great time-saving makeup tips.

Stick to the basics: The trick is to focus on prods that’ll give you the most “wow!” for the least effort. Enter: liquid eyeliner and bright lipstick. You’ll always look put together with a chic cat eye or a colourful lippy. Add a little concealer and some mascara and you’re good to go!

Get your glow on: A good illuminator can do wonders for your complexion. It’s the quickest way to get a gorgeous radiant glow – even when you’re feeling kind of worn out. BB creams are also a good bet, especially if they have a high SPF (think 50 or 60). They’ll unify your skin and protect it at the same time. Nice!

Get beautiful brows: When it comes to your brows, go for a gel (like Benefit’s Gimme Brow gel) rather than fussing with a powder and a bevelled brush.

Go for the gloss: If you’re not great at applying lipstick in a hurry, go for a coloured gloss instead. It’s much easier to put on, and the look is just as hot!

Simplify your shadow: The easiest eye makeup? Apply a champagne-coloured iridescent cream shadow over the entire upper lid. Use your finger for ultra-speedy application, and then finish the look with a quick coat of mascara.

Keep a backup: Always keep a few makeup essentials in your handbag. You can put your mascara on at the office if you didn’t have time before leaving the house.

Need perfect nails? Give yourself a mani makeover

If your mani has seen better days but you don’t have time for a new one, hide imperfections by adding a contrasting colour on the end of each nail. Otherwise, grab a sparkly overcoat and paint it over the whole nail or create a cool shading effect.

What to wear?

Select your inspo: Create a Pinterest board of awesome outfit ideas. That way you’ll always have some inspo on days when you really can’t decide what to wear.

Grab your go-tos: Have a few tried-and-tested outfits ready to go. Knowing you can grab your “meeting day” outfit or your “going out after work” ensemble helps cut planning time in half. Keep pix of your fave outfits on your phone, and refer to them when you’re not sure what to rock.

Just add heels: Throw on some heels. Nothing pulls a look together like a great pair of heels.

Keep it simple: Be sure to have some fuss-free items in your wardrobe. You want to be able to grab that wrinkle-free top (or that jersey knit dress) on mornings when time is super-tight.

When in doubt, LBD it: Always have an LBD on hand. It’s the easiest one-step outfit, and it goes with every accessory you own. So simple!

Choose easy accessories: Keep your baubles and accessories in plain view. You don’t want to be searching in a jewellery box for that perfect statement necklace. And who has time to rifle through drawers for that outfit-making scarf? Keep fave pieces out and ready for those throw-it-on-and-go days.

More saving tips:

 Prep your breakfast: Prepare your breakfast the night before. Cooking oatmeal before bed means you’ll only have to reheat it the next day.

Eat at the office: Eat breakfast at the office. A packet of instant oatmeal is easy to throw in your purse and can be prepared once you arrive. Also, fruit is a great on-the-go brekkie, so stock up on apples, bananas and other easy-to-eat options.

Take it to go: Invest in a good Thermos, and drink your coffee en route. You probably don’t have time to savour your java at home, but if coffee is non-negotiable in the mornings (we hear you!), at least you can sip in style during your morning commute.

Have a no-phone rule: Put the cellphone down when you’re at home, and make a point of checking news and social media on public transit only. Nothing helps pass in-transit time like scrolling down your friends’ feeds and checking your fave mobile news pages and apps.

Turn off the TV: Turn off the TV while you’re getting ready in the morning. Instead, rock some high-energy tunes to get you pumped for the day. If you find music distracting, just keep things quiet and head out the door as fast as you can.


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