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Broadcaster Erin Davis’ daughter passes away at 24

BT Toronto | posted Monday, May 11th, 2015

Lauren Davis, the daughter of popular Toronto radio host Erin Davis, has died at the age of 24.

Erin is a morning show host of our affiliate station CHFI.

Lauren was a new mom and a broadcaster with CFRA, a radio station in Ottawa.

Erin and her co-host Mike Cooper and the CHFI team were in Jamaica for a special broadcast of CHFI. The broadcast from Jamaica has been cancelled and the team is back in Toronto.

Erin and her husband Rob have issued the following statement: “Thank you to my extended CHFI family for the outpouring of love and support. I am overwhelmed by your heartfelt letters and messages to my family and me at this very difficult time in our lives.”

Click here for the story on CHFI.com.

Note: This website and CHFI are both owned by Rogers.


  • al the bus driver says:

    So saddened to hear about the passing of Lauren Davis ! My prayers are with Erin and Rob . Hoping the memories of Lauren keeps you smiling and help your heart heal ! We all fel the sense of loss in the broadcasting circle of toronto . Living in Alberta for years now , I’ve missed so much

  • Diaane says:

    I think this is a very rude way to get ones point across(for the so called men) Would they like it if other men were to say this to their moms, more then likely not. Being in the public eye, they should know better.
    This phrase came out a long time ago. They even have a ring tone of this phrase. My son(who is 18) showed me and I explained the issues with this and just how rude it is. I also explained that you could get in trouble with the law for saying this to people, so I made him remove the ringtone.

  • Patti Dee says:

    Erin &Rob my heart goes out to you all and your family. Words cannot begin to describe what you all are going through. May God give you strength to carry on. Like yourselves I have an only child and just became a grandparent also. Be strong for you precious Grandchild. As a mother I cannot begin to understand the pain and loss you are feeling for you most precious one. May God be with you. May he wrap his loving arms around you all and keep you strong to see this through. She’s your beautiful angel now.

  • Cathy Heaps Loitsch says:

    To Erin and Rob….my sincerest condolences to you on the loss of your lovely daughter. We have all enjoyed her growing to motherhood through your stories on CHFI. My heart goes out to you. No parent should have to endure this loss.

  • Tammy Jeffery says:

    Thoughts and prayers for the family at this difficult time. My condolences.

  • Julia Raggiunti says:

    As I ready of the passing of Erin’s daughter I was heartbroken, and cried, we your listeners have been with CHFI for years, Erin and I were pregnant at the same time, I have been following her for years. Many years ago my company relocated and the only thing that was a comfort to me was Erin and Mike in the morning which helped me adjust to this difficult life change. Erin, I don’t know you, you don’t know who I am but I am a mother, and cannot even imagine the pain and sorrow. I was so happy when Lauren had her baby, and have seen pictures of this beautiful angel. I to now was told yesterday I would be a grandmother. May the good Lord help you in this difficult time, to help give you some peace, may he also give you the strength to guide you with the beautiful angel Lauren left behind. Just a fan God bless.

  • Paula Morey says:

    Dear Erin and family: i am saddened to hear of your tragic loss.. I hope you surround your self with famly and friends to help u threw this tragic loss and may God give you strength to endure.. I am sorry for your loss..

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