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Hydro One to fire employee for hurling vulgarities at CityNews reporter

CityNews | posted Tuesday, May 12th, 2015


A Hydro One employee will be fired after he was identified as one of the men who hurled obscenities at CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt during Sunday’s Toronto FC game.

Hydro One tells CityNews the employee violated the company’s code of conduct.

“Hydro one is taking steps to terminate the employee for violating our code of conduct,” said Hydro One’s Daffyd Roderick.

“Respect for all people is engrained in the code and in our values. We are committed to a work environment where discrimination or harassment of any type is met with zero tolerance.”

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  • Bradley H says:

    I strongly disagree that he should have been fired. Everyone states that they interrupted the reporter from doing her job. In fact, she dismissed herself from her interview and approached the men. They did not state the comment that everyone is blaming them for saying. All they did was us foul language, more in speech terms, and thought that the prank (which another man had stated) was funny. I hope that this man lawyers up and takes on Hydro One for wrongful dismissal. I also hope that City tv also takes a negative hit because the men are being degraded because of your coverage and headlines.

  • Gloria Hadingham says:

    No He shouldn’t be fired His pay for a month should be donated to a local women’s shelter and he should work for a month providing manual labour for single Moms who need it! Maybe then he would learn a little respect for women.

  • Hayley A says:

    While I agree he’s an ass, he will have it overturned before the end of the month. Employment’s code of conduct does not apply outside of working hours.

  • janet s says:

    In my mind, someone who hurls obscenities at women on television will also bring that attitude to work – even if they are more effective at hiding it.

    In the office atmosphere, it is less likely that harassment will be reported or move beyond a he-said / she-said situation in which the victim risks repercussions for coming forward.

    In this case, his actions were out there for all to see and zero tolerance is zero tolerance…

  • Bonnie2012 says:

    Perhaps disciplining this young man with a suspension and sending him to counseling would have been the perfect opportunity for Hydro One to have taught this young man a life long lesson, therefore turning him into a better person and citizen. Firing him will only turn him into a shamed and bitter person who will add to the stress of an already stressed population of people who have no wise guidance from those in authority.


    he deserves what he got he cant deny it seen all over the world of him mouthing offf to a reporter

  • Anna Paula Pita says:

    Thank you Hydro One for an appropriate response to this unacceptable behaviour. One does not “hang up your hat” when done work. One has to represent the code of conduct at all times. This man clearly defended his position and his actions and words spoke for themselves.

    I applaud City TV for bringing this issue to light.

  • Darlene Ann Charron says:

    fire them. then charge them. total idiots

  • Norbert Ricafort says:

    An employee outside work hurls vulgar obscenities and will get fired. Hydro One has been ripping off Ontarians with utter incompetence yet goes on laughing at us and our own government does nothing. Makes sense.

  • Stephen Baker says:

    Good on Hydro One for turfing a gigantic idiot whomever he is.. This is basically the same thing as putting something on the net and thinking that there is no consequences for their actions.. I am a guy and I do have my own thoughts towards women, but I keep my thoughts to myself I don’t go parading myself in front of a camera and brush it off like it doesn’t mean anything.. Frankly I found what Shauna Hunt had to go through as uncalled for an degrading, good on her for giving it right back at them.

  • Somethinelse says:

    When employees conduct themselves in a vulgar manner to the media, it brings bad publicity to the employer. Hydro One is a huge company and doesn’t want the negative publicity. It’s only natural that they sever ties with that employee. People need to choose their words wisely. We live in a time where there is little privacy. So please be mindful of others…

  • Dee68195 says:

    Yes he should be fired! I have heard all those morons have been identified so all should be fired from their respective jobs and criminal charges laid as well!

  • Dee68195 says:

    Yes he should be fired! I have heard that all these morons have been identified and they should all be fired from their respective jobs and criminal charges laid as well!

  • Kelly Mahaney says:

    Thank you Hydro One with your swift response to this intolerable behaviour. I am glad to know that your company stands behind its zero tolerance policy.
    I have new respect for your company. Well done.

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