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MLSE plans to ban fans who yell obscenties to reporters

CityNews | posted Tuesday, May 12th, 2015


Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and the Toronto police are taking action following incidents of people yelling “f— her right in the p—-” vulgarities to reporters on the street.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment tells CityNews fans who yell out vulgarities to reporters will be banned from all venues.

MLSE also says it is instituting extra security measures at big games as a result of ongoing vulgar incidents.

Toronto police tells CityNews it is consulting with the crown attorney’s office to consider charges.

This comes after CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt confronted several young men who hurled vulgarities at her while covering a Toronto FC soccer game on Sunday.

The crude trend, which started in the United States, involves people bombarding live reporters and yelling “f**k her right in the p***y” into their microphones.

MLSE released the following statement on Tuesday:

“We’re appalled that this trend of disrespectful behaviour would make its way to our city, let alone anywhere near our stadium. ‎We are working to identify the individuals, and when we do they will be banned from all of our facilities. Moving forward, we will also work with our local television outlets to provide extra security support to female reporters doing live hits at any of our games. Our organization is committed to an environment where everyone can feel safe and included and discrimination or intolerance of any kind will be met with a swift and serious response. We’re thankful to our vast majority of fans for standing up against such sexist behaviour and working with us to help prevent it in the future.”

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  • Vanessa Pinto says:

    The most telling thing in this whole thing is that Shauna Hunt gave the gentlemen tons of opportunities to say, “They’re sorry.” to rethink their words, to really to just stop talking. They keep going on and on and on! Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of responsibility. It definitely does not mean that a person is free to just be ignorant. Good job Shauna Hunt, Rogers, and MLSE.

  • Michael See says:

    Only the feminists want him fired. Frankly it’s a douche-bag move what he did but he shouldn’t have been or shouldn’t be fired for doing something OUTSIDE of the job on his free time. If he was there on the job then yes, but when your not and it’s your time, the work rules don’t apply. We have to stop letting the feminists dictate law and get them out of our schools to stop teaching generations this garbage idea that everything a woman says is gold. This guy losing his job over this is a symptom of the bigger issue of the toxic nature of feminism and emotional overreaction.

  • Abidjanartisans says:

    Once this clown’s employer was identified, they had no option but to take a hard line stance. No to condemn would be to condone. Professional adult males need to hold themselves to higher standards than hurling vulgarities at women. I applaud Hydro One for taking action.

  • Anthony Riches says:

    Kudos to Shauna Hunt, Rogers, and MLSE for standing up to this disgusting behavior.

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