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Tips on packing for long weekend travel

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, Jun 18th, 2015

The trick with long weekend travel is to get out of the office as quickly as possible, and pack as much as you can into a carry-on.

That means that every item that you bring needs to do more than one thing. Theresa Quick has her top tips for long weekend travel:

Wear several versatile pieces to work—you will be able to get the most of weekend travel by being dressed and ready to jump in the car or cab. Layer your heaviest pieces if you are travelling by plane—your flats, jeans and put your purse inside your beach bag. Take a look at each item’s fabric and consider the following factors: quality, thickness, weight, wrinkles, transparency, and texture. Jersey and cotton blends will be the best for breathability—you can crumble in a ball into your bag and it will be ready to wear when you hit your destination.

TIP: Patterns won’t show stains or sweat- so work them in! Wear layers to work that can do double duty over the weekend.

Items that can do double duty:reversible bikinis, two sided scarves and a reversible bag. You shouldn’t be bringing more than two pairs of shoes—think of getting metallic beach sandals they work really well at night with a maxi dress- just make sure they have a rubber bottom for hte pool (show examples)

Your cosmetic bag should be doing double duty—instead of bringing the classic toiletry bag, look for one that can double as a clutch for the evenings (or pack your cosmetics in one of your existing evening bags. ANOTHER TIP- if you get a clear window, you can usually get through security without having to fumble with those little plastic bags

Instead of searching for a beach cover-ups (which don’t have a huge selection typically), look in the scarves. They can be worn on the plane, out at night if it gets chilly or as a cover-up by the beach or pool. TIP- scarves with large widths can look bulky around the neck, so hold it on a diagonal when you are wearing it as a scarf (I will demonstrate).

Passport wallets are a great way to keep all your travel documents in one place and if you get it in a bright colour, you are less likely to forget it or lose it in the bottom of your bag.

Think about a snack you can bring with you that won’t melt or spoil. I always bring a little sachet of nuts- they can be a lifesaver while you are travelling and tide you over until you can find something decent to eat at your destination.

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver—and get you through the weekend with one good blow-dry- even a great way to refresh after a flight or long car ride. Blotting papers are also light and refresh your make-up easily (particularly when its hot).

Put everything on the bed before you pack it – don’t just start putting things right into your bag—you have a huge risk of forgetting something. Then organize things in different packages (or cubes) when you have a small carry-on. It will make it easier to find things and won’t wrinkle everything else when you are rummaging for something.


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