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Five ways to keep your Remembrance Day poppy in place

CityNews | posted Monday, Nov 2nd, 2015

It’s the time of year once again where Canadians remember the more than 117,000 that have paid the ultimate price in defence of the country by donning a poppy as a symbol of thanks and memory.

However, there is just one problem with the poppy: how do you keep from losing it before Nov. 11?

Here are some tips and tricks for keeping that symbol of remembrance safely fastened above your heart:

1. Borrow a backing. Grab the backing from another pin or even an earring to keep the poppy from slipping off your chest.

2. Erasers. Not just for pencils, an eraser (or at least a piece of one) can be used to hold the pin in place by using it as an improvised backing.

3. Bend it. Stick your poppy in your piece of clothing, then bend the pin up towards the centre of the poppy. Be careful when attempting this!

4. Stick it. Use some adhering elements like strong tape or, if you are so inclined, some gently used gum to hold the pin inside the piece of clothing.

5. Grab a few extra. Toss some extra money in the Royal Canadian Legion collection box and have a few spare poppies with you, just in case. Plus, if the tips above work for you, you can always hand over one of your extras to someone who’s found themselves without one.


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