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Lady bugs are invading!

Frank Ferragine | posted Friday, Nov 6th, 2015

Are you being invaded by Ladybugs?

From all over Ontario, people are saying, “what’s up with all the ladybugs?”

Most likely, the swarms are Asian Multicoloured or seven spotted ladybugs introduced to North American in the 90s to control aphids.  With warm days and cool nights, these little guys know it’s time to hibernate and there goal is to find the warmest place possible and that’s why they are coming into your homes.

To prevent them coming in you need to block any entrances and caulk as many cracks and holes as possible.

If they are in your home the easiest way to remove them is to vacuum them up.  The good news once inside your home they will not eat or lay eggs they just want a warm place to stay overwinter!

Ladybugs just looking hibernate, now let’s just stop them from hibernating in our homes.


  • Eric W. Bennett says:

    I remember a real big invasion back in 2001 or 2002 – but I don’t mind the few I have living in my Spider Plant above my desk eating the Aphids that have also taken up residence!

  • Jmcmanus says:

    Good Morning, Breakfast Television!

    We are a Grade 3/4 class from London, ON. A few weeks ago, a boy in our class came in with a ladybug on his back. This made us ask the big question
    “why are there so many ladybugs right now?’.
    After a few weeks of research, we have come to the same conclusion as you…they just need a place to hibernate.
    Soooooo….we made ladybug habitats for them to live in the winter. We are observing them each day and are learning about the water cycle while we are at it.
    We think it is very cool that you made the ladybug invasion a news item. We are feeling pretty smart. ; )

    Thanks for your post.
    Grade 3/4
    Orchard Park PS
    London, ON

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