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Doo Doo the Clown rescues women after man punches, assaults them

Alanna Kelly and Adrian Ghobrial | posted Monday, Nov 23rd, 2015


Doo Doo the Clown spends his days making people smile but what he saw while driving downtown Toronto on Sunday was no laughing matter.

It was just before 3 p.m. on Sunday when Doo Doo saw a man bounding down a pedestrian walkway onto Front Street who was acting strangely.

“He was out to get whoever he could,” Doo Doo said. “He was walking on cars and punching things.”

Doo Doo, dressed in full clown costume after just finishing a full day of work, decided to follow the man down Bathurst Street in his car and called 911.

When he was on the phone with police he noticed that two women were walking on Bathurst Street and the man was heading towards them.

The man then punched one of the women in the upper body as he walked by them and Doo Doo was there to rescue them after the random assault.

“Look out!” he yelled from his car. “Get in the car, get in the car!”

Doo Doo said the man turned around and started to chased them as they ran to his vehicle.

“That’s not clowning around,” he said.

As the women got into the vehicle, the man then banged and kicked at the outside of the vehicle.

“He held onto the mirror … jumped on it, ripped it off, threw it,” said Doo Doo.

The entire video was captured on dash cam video and handed over to authorities.

The suspect is currently in hospital and is undergoing a psychological evaluation.

Police said he is now in their custody and charges are pending.

Doo Doo, who has been working as a clown for 32 years and starred in Billy Madison, said he is a clown not a fighter.

“I could hand him a balloon,” he said.


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