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RCMP looking for two ‘suspicious’ men seen near Rogers Centre

CityNews | posted Thursday, Nov 26th, 2015

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be holding a news conference Thursday to discuss a suspicious incident they say happened in August near the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Investigators are asking for help identifying two men they say were “exhibiting suspicious behaviour” on the John Street bridge at 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 31.

The Toronto Blue Jays were hosting a game that day against the Cleveland Indians.

Police say a passerby saw the two men and reported the incident via a suspicious incident report (SIR) to the RCMP’s National Critical Infrastructure Team.

Police are releasing few details but have indicated the investigation could be related to national security.

The SIR is a system that is used to collect information on suspicious incidents that may be related to national security, police said in a release.

The man on the left is described as having brown skin, 20-30 years old and with a medium build. He was wearing a green and white striped shirt with a red trim, blue jeans, blue Adidas shoes with yellow laces, and a watch. He was also carrying a backpack and sunglasses.

The man on the right is described as having brown skin, 20-30 years old and with a medium build. He was wearing a blue and yellow striped shirt with some purple stripes, dark blue jeans, blue Puma shoes with yellow laces and a watch. His sunglasses were hanging on his shirt buttons.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the RCMP at 1-800-387-0020, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800- 222-TIPS (8477).

Ontario to allow use of medical marijuana in public places

CityNews | posted Thursday, Nov 26th, 2015

Instead of popping two aspirins, you can now light up a joint at work – if you have a medical marijuana prescription.

Medical marijuana users with a doctor’s prescription are exempt from the laws that prohibit cigarette smoking and e-cigarette vaping in most public places in Ontario, Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dipika Damerla, explained on Wednesday.

“The law allows for an exemption because someone needs it for a medical purpose … It’s about negotiating. It’s about balancing the rights,” she said.

But Damerla said the legislation that allows for the exemption also permits business owners and employers to “override the exemption.”

“As an employer and a restaurant owner, you can say that there is no vaping, no smoking of medical marijuana,” she said.

CityNews has learned that the exemption doesn’t apply to establishes with liquor licences.

There was some confusion over whether the exemption applied only to vaping, and not smoking, but Damerla made it clear that both are permitted with a doctor’s approval.

“They are consistent with each other,” she said.

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, expressed concerns that the new provincial rules would contradict with respective municipal guidelines.

“The conversation they should have is with municipalities to make sure that the provincial regulations are in line with what municipalities have already established,” he said. “And in some cases they have their own regulations that prohibit smoking in places like parks.”

When asked about concerns that marijuana could be smoked in the presence of children, Brown said he didn’t think there was going to be “an overwhelming amount of people in Ontario running out to parks to have their medical marijuana.”

Toronto Public Health, which has taken a hard stance on cigarette smoking, and has called for e-cigarette and hookah bans, refused to comment when reached by CityNews.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said her party would take a hard look at the rules surrounding medical marijuana smoking and vaping.

“We know that Health Canada has issued some warnings about exposure of young people to the smoke and vapor of medical marijuana and that’s something we have to keep in mind,” she said.

When asked how she would react if someone lit up a joint while she was enjoying dinner, she quipped, “I’ll probably eat more.”

Medical marijuana advocates applauded the exemptions.

In a release, Jonathan Zaid, Founder and Executive Director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM) stated: “This is another important milestone in the recognition of the legitimacy of the use of cannabis as a medicine. Ontario has taken a huge step forward by exempting medical cannabis patients and their use of vaporizers.”

Markham man proposes 35,000 feet in the air on Air Canada flight

News staff | posted Thursday, Nov 26th, 2015

Allen Froese reached out to the president of Air Canada to help him perform a song on a flight from Toronto to Brazil.

Once everyone was on board and settled into their seats, Froese walked hand and hand with a guitar through the plane.

The flight attendant announced over the speaker, “may I have your attention for a few moments we have a special presentation that is going to happen right now.”

And the entire proposal was captured on video:

VICE: Eagles of Death Metal recall moments of Paris attack

Vice | posted Thursday, Nov 26th, 2015

The Eagles of Death Metal want to be the first ones who sing at the Bataclan when it re-opens.

VICE spoke to the band about the tragic events that took place on November 13, 2015 when terrorists attacked multiple locations in Paris. On that Friday night, three gunmen entered the venue and open fired killing dozens and injuring hundreds.

“I cannot wait to get back to Paris, I cannot wait to play,” said band co-founder Jesse Hughes to VICE founder Shane Smith. “I want to be the first band to play in the Bataclan when it opens back up.

“I was there when it went silent for a minute,” he said.

The group was separated when the gunshots broke out and each one explained what they saw and heard that night.

“I recognized what it was. We went into the corner of the stage, we weren’t sure if they were targeting us or what was going on,” said guitarist Eden Galindo.

VICE founder Shane Smith sat down with Eagles of Death Metal for an exclusive interview. The full interview is now available on VICE.com

“I see the pops go off, the lights flashing … and I just have to make the decision whether I want to run or do I want to just go into this room and hope for the best,” said Matt McJunkins.

“The gunfire got closer; it went on for 10-15 minutes … it would stop and there was a sense of relief and then it would start up again,” said McJunkins.

Drummer Julian Dorio said “the gunpowder hit my nose.”

“I opened up the hallway door and that is when I saw the shooter,” said Hughes. “He turned on me, brought his gun down and his barrel hit the door frame.”

8 things to do now to make the holidays easier

Alexandra Gater | posted Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015

1. Stock up on wrapping supplies now. Avoid the Christmas Eve scramble where you inevitably realize you don’t have enough tape or wrapping paper by stocking up on these five items. You’ll be able to create endless gift-wrapping combinations, without the drama. Designate one easy-to-reach space for all of your holiday supplies to instantly make you feel more organized.

Buy your wrapping paper now and make your life easier come Christmas crunch time. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

2. Prepare your pantry. Make sure your cupboards are stocked with Food Director Claire Tansey’s instant-party pantry essentials: olives, almonds, dates and crackers.

Claire Tansey instant party pantry essentials

3. Buy hostess gifts in multiples. Make your life easier and buy several hostess gifts at once. Look for sets of pretty notebooks or delicious bags of holiday crackers — these can be opened, wrapped and distributed to more than one host. Buy sets that have variety to keep your gift-giving personal.

Studio Oh! Set of 3 notebooks, $12, Indigo.

4. Load up your bar cart. Ensure your bar cart is filled with the essentials before you start hosting. Learn how to stock your bar for under $200 here.

Bar cart, $419, West Elm.

5 easy ways to take your holiday table from Thanksgiving to Christmas

5. Replenish your supply of candles, cocktail napkins and matches. Stock up before the holiday madness sets to avoid running out of essentials mid dinner party. Tip: Keep batteries on hand so people can use their electronic gifts right away.

6. Make lists. We could write an essay about lists, mostly because they are life savers! Keep a separate list going for different tasks: Food to buy for your dinner party; gifts to buy family; gifts to buy hostesses. Having your to-dos down on paper means you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything (or anyone!).

Save yourself last-minute stress by getting a jump-start on planning.

9 ways to be the best holiday dinner guest ever

7. If you’re hosting, plan your meal now. From the appetizers to dessert, it will take a weight off your shoulders if you know what you’re serving. Make a shopping list closer to the date so you’re not scrambling last minute (see number 6!).

Thanksgiving to Christmas table Cedar1

8. Dig out your tableware. Take the dreaded journey into your attic or basement and get out your holiday napkins, tablecloths and cutlery. Doing this in advance gives you time to see what you still need.

Christmas tableware napkin

Sandwich thief fails to get away in stolen Vaughan trailer rollover

CityNews | posted Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015

Three people are in custody after a stolen tractor-trailer containing 40,000 pounds of packaged and frozen cheese sandwiches rolled over in Vaughan on Wednesday morning.

The owner of the trailer told CityNews that he received an alarm indicating the trailer was moving from its yard in the Torbram Road and Steeles Avenue area in Brampton sometime around midnight. It was due to ship out the sandwiches at 6 a.m.

The trailer ended up going north on Highway 427, ending up in the Highway 7 and Highway 27 area. The trailer then rolled over.

The suspect apparently fled on foot and somehow ended up in a car. He then fled the car and was taken into custody.

Police did not chase after the trailer at any point.

First father, now son: Trudeau in London to meet with the Queen

The Canadian Press | posted Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has touched down in London to begin a six-day European visit that will wind up in Paris at the UN climate conference.

Trudeau, making his second whirlwind tour on the international summit circuit in as many weeks, is on his way to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday morning for an audience with Queen Elizabeth.

Trudeau will then deliver a speech at Canada House in Trafalgar Square, followed by a sit-down with Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street where it’s expected climate change, anti-terrorism measures and the Canada-European Union free trade agreement will be on the agenda.

Trudeau has a bit of history with the Queen, having met the now 89-year-old monarch as a young child in the 1970s when his father Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s prime minister.

He’s travelling with his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau and their own youngsters, Ella-Grace and Hadrien, are along for the trip.

Trudeau will leave the United Kingdom on Thursday for Valetta, Malta, where the 54-country Commonwealth grouping is holding its biennial leaders summit.

Trudeau has said he’ll be working to encourage some of the Commonwealth members to step up their ambition on fighting climate change, while others in the Commonwealth are only too aware of the dangers from rising sea levels posed by global warming.

Malta’s prime minister will hold a special session on climate change Friday afternoon.

Trudeau and many of the other Commonwealth heads will then move on to France, where French President Francois Hollande has invited world leaders to open the 21st United Nations climate conference, or COP21, next Monday.

Etobicoke family expected to recover after furnace leaks carbon monoxide

CityNews | posted Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015

An Etobicoke family in hospital after a leaky furnace filled their home with carbon monoxide gas.

Emergency crews were called to a home on Wareside Road near Renforth Drive and Rathurn Road just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

Police say the furnace was leaking, causing carbon monoxide levels to rise.

The father called 911. The mother and the family’s two-year-old child were unconscious when emergency crews arrived, but regained consciousness when they were taken outside. All three are expected to recover.

Police say the carbon monoxide detector had been turned off because the family thought it was defective.

Enbridge Gas told CityNews the readings inside the home were up to 900 parts per million, and that anything over 100 parts per million is considered dangerous.

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