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Join us at the 10th-annual BT Christmas Party!

Winston Sih | posted Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2015

It’s been a tradition for the past decade… the BT Christmas Party is back for its 10th anniversary, and you’re invited!

The morning of Friday, Dec. 18 is the BT Christmas Party and we will be broadcasting live from the lobby of the Sheraton Centre (across from Nathan Phillips Square). The morning is in support of Daily Bread Food Bank.

Plus, now confirmed to perform at the BT Christmas Party is country singer Tim Hicks!


There’s a special rate from Dec. 10th through Dec. 30th – you will want to book a stay for the night of Dec. 17 and make your way to the hotel lobby in the morning!

  • Festively priced and starting from $139 per night
  • Book by calling 1 (866) 716–8101 and mentioning code “BTXMAS” or online
  • Click for more details: bit.ly/Sheraton-BT

Stay at the hotel with $20 from every guest room going to Daily Bread . It’s a great rate and giving back to Daily Bread – perfect for holiday shopping – hotel connected via PATH to The Eaton Centre, so leave your boots and coats in your guest room.  It’s also a great rate for festive events, boxing day bargains. And of course, stay overnight on Thursday, Dec. 17 so you can join us for the BT Christmas Party!

Donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank:


Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale:

For 20% off tickets until Jan. 3, use the promo code: DIAMONDBT


  • children says:

    Hello BT team, My name is Salima, 18th December tomorrow is my Daughter, Kaainat’s 13th birthday and she is really looking forward to spend that special moments with bt team all the way from Mississauga along with her 2 younger siblings. It is our family tradition to watch bt every morning.
    See you guys at the Christmas party tomorrow morning at Sheraton center.

  • cdngirl70 says:

    I am so excited to bring my teenage daughters!! This is their “BIG” gift this year…normally it’s One Direction tickets, but, they kinda screwed me this Christmas!! LOL…We watch BT every morning, so I know they will LOVE this gift!! I hope we can meet some of you after the show!
    Btw, what time should we be down in the lobby??

  • faze says:

    Hey there,

    I just found about this BT Christmas Party, Is it open to the public or do we have to RSVP? will there be giveaways? and photo ops with the guests and BT Gang? as will me making a sketch to get signed


  • Kimberley Gabriel says:

    Hi Winston:

    My mom is visiting from Nova Scotia for the holidays (Gloria Gabriel). She loves BT and watches it faithfully every morning. To surprise her, I have booked a room at the Sheraton so that we can attend the 10th Annual Christmas party. She will be so excited. Is there anything that I can pre-arrange so that she can speak directly to the shows cast?

  • Winston Sih says:

    Hi Kimberley! Just hang around after the show. We do a meet-and-greet downstairs where you can get a photo with the gang. Line up early! 🙂

  • Deb Morton Collins says:

    It’s official.. room is booked! I have watched this for years
    wishing I could be there.. Well I am not working right now and it is actually happening on my daughters 25th birthday. Happy Birthday Katie : )

  • Beth Earl says:

    Hubby and I will be there bright and early! We’ve always watched the BT party and wished we could be there and this year we get to come! #winstonfanclub ftw!

  • Sherri McEwan says:

    Until when can I book a room?


    Hi Winston!!! I am staying at the hotel on the 17th with my dog Jersey and some girlfriends to attend the event on Friday morning. I have attended in the past but since this is the 10th year I have something special happening with A LOT of donations. Any chance we can connect in regards to details?
    I look forward to hearing from and I can’t wait for this event.

  • L Smith says:

    Hi Winston. My daughter has an appointment at Sick Kids on the Friday morning. We’ve always wanted to attend the BT Christmas Party so I thought I would surprise her while we were in Toronto. I’ve booked our room and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to attend some of the party prior to taking her to the hospital. Can you tell me what time it starts and the approximate end time? Thanks! L.

  • Charity M Platt says:

    Can’t wait! Rooms are booked, friends are organizing our trip. This is my first time coming to this amazing event! Kids and I are super excited and to top the day off, it’s MY BIRTHDAY on the 18! Makes this even more meaningful!!!

  • Jan Michelin says:

    My daughter and I are huge BT fans. Have always wanted to do this event!
    My hotel room is booked and we are bringing my Granddaughter, what a great way to start the Christmas Season and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

    So excited!!!!!!

  • Joanne Dungey says:

    Booked room at Sheraton we are so exited

  • Darcie43 says:

    I watch BT every single morning it is become part of my routine. I have always wanted to be able to see the show in person and this is a fantastic way to see my favourite morning group and enjoy the fantastic Christmas Festivities you bring every year.

  • Mike Robin says:

    I booked my room! I’m coming down to see that unique BT Christmas Cheer with my own eyes from Cochrane! I can’t wait to get there and see everybody!

  • Kathy Sales says:

    I hope that you are more spontaneous than last year. We have attended this event the last two years as a surprize for my husband who enjoys your show daily. The first year everything appeared spontaneous as much as possible within the confines of a live show. We enjoyed ourselves so much at both the morning and suppertime broadcasts that we rebooked last year. We were soooo disappointed on all levels. All of the contestants for the prizes were preselected prior to the show. The sound system was so bad that 20 feet from the stage it was hard to hear what was being said and performed. The evening show was non existent with just our family and one other couple watching the stage and lighting being disassembled and only one roving reporter going on air several times during the news to recant what had happened in the morning. I hope the public is better informed about how the show(s) will be done and it is more spontaneous this year.

  • cdngirl70 says:

    Booked a room and am surprising my teenage girls as an early Christmas present! Hoping they will be just as surprised as they were the past 3 Christmas’ with their One Direction tickets!! lol
    Can’t wait!!

  • Winston Sih says:

    We can’t wait to see you there!


  • Bibi Fareeda Ganesh says:

    So excited!! Just booked us a room, we always wanted to attend, this year we are for sure. Oh my goodness so looking forward to it – excited!!!

    Bradford, Ontario

  • Jennifer McLeod says:

    Hi, I’ve wanted to attend this event and promise myself I will every year….finally, I am going to attend. Do you have to book with someone ahead of time? I am not staying at the Sheraton so is there something I have to do to ensure I can attend? Thanks!

  • Winston Sih says:

    Nope – if you aren’t staying at the hotel, just show up morning of! See you there!


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