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Toronto homes with extra-large garbage bins may soon have to downsize: report

Erin Criger | posted Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2015

Toronto homeowners who use extra-large garbage bins may soon have to downsize, according to a published report.

Mayor John Tory told the Toronto Sun the bins could be phased out in the next few years, but not immediately. Residents and the city would both need time to adjust, he said.

The matter will be debated starting on Wednesday at city council’s regular monthly meeting. Councillors are considering a rate hike for all bins as part of the Solid Waste Management budget.

The executive committee is recommending a three per cent increase. With the increase, an extra-large bin costs $468.08 for a single-family home.


  • Angie Curley says:

    i was listening to this yesterday and what a scam.

    they are taking away the largest sized garbage can because they said most of whats being put in it isnt garbage, its recycling and compost.

    but thats absurd, if people are going to put things in the garbage that can be recycled, the size of the garbage bin isnt going to change that.

    taking away the large can will only make people who actually need the large will still produce the same amount of waste, but now they will buy garbage bags to put the extra`s in, which is about 365 extra garbage bags in the dump a year per family.

    they are doing this as a bandaid solution to make us think they are making big strives for our environment, but really it doesnt change what people will throw out and its a waste of money, the production costs of all the large bins will be completely wasted, we might as well have burned the money!!!

    i ordered a large bun because i have a family of 7, with 5 kids, 2 kids are still in diapers, the amount of diapers i go through in a week takes up about half the large sized bins, and diapers cant be recycled.

    nobody is gonna lug around a giant full garbage can unless they need it, especially with the property tax discounts you receive if you use the small or medium bins.

    how about you let us decide what size of garbage can we need, im sure the mayor of toronto has transit issues to be concerned about, quit waste everyone`s time and money with this useless plan of scrapping the large bins.

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