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EXCLUSIVE POLL: Canadian support divided for Syrian refugee plan

News staff | posted Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2015

Canadian opinion on the Trudeau government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees over the next few months is nearly split down the middle.

In an exclusive poll conducted by Forum Research for CityNews, almost 50 per cent of Canadians polled say they support the government’s plan to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by the end of February.

Of the 1,369 Canadian voters asked, 48 per cent were in favour of the plan.

The number of those opposing the plan was 44 per cent. Less than one tenth have no opinion.

The numbers are almost the same in Ontario: 47 per cent support the plan, 45 per cent are opposed and two per cent don’t know.

Overall support is highest among the youngest (ages 18 to 34) at 55 per cent, mid-income groups at 57 per cent and in Atlantic Canada at 57 per cent.

Support is lower in the Prairies at 31 per cent, while 35 per cent of Albertans support it.

Only 19 per cent of Conservatives support the plan. Support is highest among Liberals at 68 per cent and New Democrats at 59 per cent. Sixty per cent of the people with post-graduate degrees support the plan.

Results are based on the total sample of 1,369 and are considered accurate plus-or-minus three per cent, 19 times out of 20.

According to the Toronto Star, the first mass arrival of 150 Syrian refugees will be coming to Pearson Airport on Thursday tomorrow. They’ll be arriving in a Royal Canadian Air Force jet, from a flight out of an airfield in Jordan.

The Yonge Street Mission is accepting winter outerwear donations for the refugees arriving in Toronto. See the tweet below for details.


  • jshone says:

    I am just not sure how the Government can help so many others in another Country! when our own families are suffering, our foster care system is flawed, Our Hospitals are being closed and over crowded, emergency wait time is ridiculous, Doctor offices are full and not taking new patience, Our highways are way over crowded, Our Canadian people are living on the streets, Our Seniors are being left behind and abandoned? Drug issues are way up, spending in the governments is way out of control, 18 Billion to replace staff already in the system to make way for a new Government? (Thank you Harper for that) Tax after Tax after Tax !!! I really feel for Syrian People and I am sorry their country is killing itself. We are sending Immigrants back from Scotland, Us, Italy…these people have Businesses, homes and they are asked to leave because their Visa’s ran out…BUT we can just screen 25,000 Immigrants and The Government is going to pay their sponsor’s and them, So they can get settled and live here for free! While we beg for help for our own…. This is just not fare to settle them in a city that is already to crowded. I have a great ideal… why not have every government staff who makes more than 175,000.00 per year to take a family in! ya I didn’t think so. Concerned High Tax Payer

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