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Start recalculating your budget: Toronto garbage, water fees going up in 2016

CityNews | posted Thursday, Dec 10th, 2015

Get ready to pay more for garbage collection and water if you live in Toronto. Fees for both are going up next year.

The average homeowner will pay an extra $72 for water and an additional $244 in garbage fees. That’s just for the use of a small bin. A medium bin will go up to $297, $403 for a large bin, and $468 for extra-large.

City council approved the 2016 increases on Wednesday, the first day of their final meeting of 2015.

They also approved a plan to partner with a third party to raise the money necessary to save a 350-year-old red oak. Saving the tree would require buying the property from the homeowner and turning the area into a parkette.

Day two of council starts Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

Councillors are still debating the fate of the Davenport Bridge, eliminating parking pads, and changes to travel expenses.

A full budget meeting is set for next Tuesday and the city’s financial plan set to be approved in February.

Mayor John Tory said he is considering scrapping the extra-large bin altogether in a bid to encourage recycling. However, he said, that plan is a year or two away.


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