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EXCLUSIVE: Canadians concerned Syrian refugees will strain social services

CityNews | posted Friday, Dec 11th, 2015

Canadians are concerned that Syrian refugees will create a strain on their health care systems and social services, according to an exclusive poll conducted for CityNews by Forum Research.

“These are not encouraging indicator,” said Lorne Bozinoff, the president and founder of Forum Research. “Canadians think these new citizens will prove a burden on our already overtaxed public services and that they will do nothing to enhance the economy.”

In a random sampling of 1,369 Canadian votes, 63 per cent of respondents said they are concerned Syrian refugees settling in Canada will create a strain on health care and social services, with 42 per cent stating they are “very concerned.”

People between the ages 35 to 44 have the highest level of concern, at 47 per cent.


But when it comes to job loss, only 40 per cent of respondents said they are concerned that refugees will take jobs from Canadians, while 56 per cent say they are not concerned.


Only a small number (32 per cent) of Canadians actually think that Syrian refugees will have a positive effect on Canada’s economy. A total of 41 per cent of people think they will not have a positive impact and 27 per cent don’t know if they will.


On Wednesday, it was revealed that Canadians are concerned that Syrian refugees are getting preferential treatment in the immigration process. A total of 54 per cent of Canadians in the sample were concerned and 34 per cent were very concerned.

Results are based on the total sample of 1,369 and are considered accurate plus-or-minus three per cent, 19 times out of 20.

Two Syrian refugee families arrived in Toronto on Wednesday night and 164 more are expected to arrive Thursday at Toronto Pearson International Airport. They’ll be arriving in a Royal Canadian Air Force jet, from a flight out of an airfield in Jordan.


  • JohnTaylor says:

    These people are sponsored by private citizens for the first year when they arrive, not by taxpayer dollars. I suspect more will work and work harder than many lazy Canadians.

    I would urge you to check with your grandfather about where your family came from before judging newcomers to our country. I suspect you will find that you are not native to Canada either. I for one am happy to welcome them in… and my family history IS Canadian. Well before Canada was ‘discovered’.

  • Ernie Simpson says:

    I for one am upset with this Syrian thing. I have worked and payed taxes for over 45 years and when I need the help social services gave me 40.00 dollars to help me out, that didn’t even pay the hydro bill we have over due how much will these people get who never worked or payed a dime in this country.

  • JohnTaylor says:

    Let me know if you need help packing.

  • Mary Ruscica Hare says:

    I understand Canada wants to help all these people out, but Canada should first have helped those that are still homeless on our streets, create jobs for our youths etc. They should have been taken care of first, with all this money we’re going to be putting into this, I bet you most of these refugee’s are going to continue being “freeloaders” for years to come and us Canadians are going to pay the price for it. As for the heathcare, I can just see our hospitals being filled with these people everyday, coming in with runny noses and other stupid symptoms, we see it now and this is only going to create more headaches. Sorry, but this is how I feel, I’m worried for my two daughters growing up in this City, truthfully, I don’t see a stable future for them here, as I’m sure with other families. Thanks Trudeau!

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