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Pandamonium: Toronto Zoo panda cubs dazzling us with their eyes

News staff | posted Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 2015

The two giant panda cubs born at the Toronto Zoo in the fall were at first a pale pink with a covering of white fuzz.

Then, last month, new photos showed they got their mom’s distinct black-and-white markings. More photos released earlier this month showed their eyes starting to open and their voices becoming stronger.

And, as can be seen in a video below, released by the Zoo on Wednesday morning, one of the giant panda cubs is stretching their legs in the air.

And on Wednesday, the zoo released a new video of one of its giant panda cubs, who are now 10 weeks old, saying their eyes are fully open and they’re becoming more mobile.

One cub weighs over three kilograms, while the other is 2.5 kilograms.

new video shows one of the cubs nursing from mom Er Shun.

The zoo said while the cubs look very healthy, it’s still a critical time for them.

The two giant panda cubs were a Canadian first. The Zoo’s female giant panda gave birth to her first cub at 3:31 a.m. on Oct. 13. The newborn weighed 187.7 grams. The second cub was born at 3:44 a.m., weighing 115 grams.

Er Shun has shown superb maternal instincts with both of her cubs, the zoo said in a release.

“She has been exceptionally co-operative with twin-swapping the cubs and nurses them both several times a day. The strong bond she has formed with each of the cubs is remarkable.”


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