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Platform barriers could be coming to Union Station: Metrolinx

CityNews | posted Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2016

Barriers along the edge of the platform are just one of many steps Metrolinx is considering to make Union Station safer.

The transit body has already implemented “no standing” zones, ended platform storage and trimmed some platforms at the busy commuter hub.

All of the changes come in the wake of a passenger’s death last year, Metrolinx said Monday.

The Union Station Platform Action Plan, which was posted on the GO Transit website on Monday, includes 16 items as well as their status (Complete, Ongoing, In Progress, Not Started).

GO will “prop open” stairwell and other doors during fair weather, but close them when it’s cold or raining. That safety measure will always be ongoing, whereas upgrading car doors is in progress.

One of the measures, trimming some platforms, was specifically designed for those riders who aren’t obeying existing rules. Metrolinx said it is working to remove tripping hazards in areas where there are already “no standing” or “no walking rules.”

Many of the recommendations focus on ensuring commuters stay behind that yellow line. GO Transit said it is working to have a 24-inch-wide safety strip across all platform edges at all times. Where that’s not possible, the same area will be painted bright yellow.

Click here to read the full list of recommendations.


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