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Mayor Tory to unveil major transit expansion plan: report

CityNews | posted Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2016

Mayor John Tory will reportedly announce a major transit expansion plan on Tuesday that includes a light-rail line on the Toronto waterfront.

The Globe and Mail reports this city will reveal a full-fledged transit network to be built out over the next 15 years, including a light-rail line on the waterfront from Park Lawn Road to Leslie Street.

City staff are also recommending a light-rail line running north on Jane Street from the Bloor subway line. Add to that, a series of rapid buses along Steeles and Sheppard avenues, and a relief line into the downtown core.

The expansion plan is expected to be more than $10 billion over the next 15 years.

The mayor, along with TTC chair Josh Colle, will also unveil several service improvements on the red rocket, including new buses and increased rush-hour service on dozens of bus routes.

Enhanced service on the city’s bus routes kicked in on Sunday. The $95-million initiative puts 50 new buses on the roads, as well as better rush hour service on 24 bus routes during peak times.

“These service improvements are the type of sensible and caring investments expected by Toronto residents,” Mayor John Tory said in a statement.

“We need a reliable transit system so people can get to work on time and get home faster to spend more time with their families.”

CLICK HERE for a full list of the service improvements.

Video: TTC dramatically reduces dreaded short turns

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Video: Tory calls new Scarborough transit plan best one yet

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  • Frank DeTurse says:

    Hey – what a lot of crap this is I am sick of hearing this by the time (now over 4 years have passed and talk talk talk with no action makes Jack and John a dull person)this is in order will be 20 years or more far to long to wait
    as we will have a population increase of approx. 2 more million people and need to built more – the city is falling apart faster than it can come together thanks to the city hall politics and crap – almost like American Politics – back stabbing and promises promises – no politician can every be honest so why vote for any of them…one is worse than they other – don’t believe them I will be dead and buried for a long time when that ever makes an appearance in fact they may build over my grave….

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