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Woman confronted for parking in handicap spot flips out

CityNews | posted Tuesday, Mar 22nd, 2016

A man confronted a woman who parked her vehicle in an wheelchair-accessible parking spot outside of a Toronto Tim Hortons on Monday and in exchange she threw all of her drinks at him.

The whole interaction was caught on video and you can see the man, Ryan Favro, waiting for the woman to return to her vehicle.

“So … why do you park in handicap spots?” asks Favro to the woman. “Are you handicapped?”

The woman responds with a quick “no” and turns to get into her Jeep.

“Well what makes you so special that you can park in a handicap spot?” Favro asks.

The rest of the interaction can be seen in the video below, including when she hurls two cups of coffee at the Favro.


  • Steve Scale says:

    So why isn’t this woman being charged? You have the licence number and the video but blur them. When the media reporters was being attacked by the FHITP crowd we had quick identification and shaming of these dregs of society. Why not here?

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