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Mississauga decides to rename Marco Muzzo Park

CityNews | posted Thursday, Mar 31st, 2016

Mississauga city council has voted to rename Marco Muzzo Memorial Woods and Park, citing concerns from the community.

The park was named after Marco Muzzo Sr., who was responsible for building most of the community which now surrounds the recreation area. It was dedicated in 2007 by then-mayor Hazel McCallion, two years after the death of Muzzo Sr.

The motion, put forward by Ward 10 councilor Sue McFadden, calls for the park to be renamed “Marco Muzzo Senior Memorial Woods and Park” to avoid any confusion with Muzzo’s grandson, who was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in jail for killing four people, including three children, in a drunk driving crash.

The name change will take effect immediately, after council waived the required 30-day waiting period and community notification process.


  • Lorna SC says:

    How very tragic this entire situation is.

  • Lilliana Aleksandar says:


  • Lea McNalley says:

    This is horrible. There’s a reason it was dedicated to that man in the first place, so the foolish choice of his grandson one day negates everything he did for the community? If you’re that offended by the name, how about move out of the community he helped develop?

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