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City council passes billion dollar hybrid option for Gardiner Expressway

CityNews | posted Friday, Apr 1st, 2016

City Council has given the green light to several transportation projects on Thursday, including approving the billion dollar Gardiner Expressway hybrid option.

By a vote of 36-5, council decided to go with hybrid option #3. This design pushes the portion of the Gardiner that runs east of Jarvis Street further north compared to the other two options, opening up more waterfront land for development.

This is the most expensive of the three options, with a projected cost of $569-million to build but when you include long-term costs, the price tag could top $1.052-billion.

City council also rubber-stamped a multi-billion dollar transit vision that includes the Scarborough subway extension, a downtown relief line and LRTs along Eglinton and the waterfront.

There’s still no decision on how to pay for it all.


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