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Clean your home with these simple these food items

Carina Kresic | posted Wednesday, Apr 20th, 2016

It’s that time again! Spring has sprung and the cleaning has started.

Did you know that Canadians waste approximately $14.6 billion worth of food every year… about 47% of the total amount purchased!

With all these leftovers, you could easily re-purpose some of these food items and turn them into cleaning products.

Here are seven unlikely ways you can use food to clean around the house:

  1. Potato peels remove rust – Have you ever removed your silverware from the dishwasher, only to find that it’s beginning to rust? Just use the skin of a potato and dip it into baking soda, then rub it along your silverware.
  2. Cucumber removes marks from your walls and shines your shoes – Much like an eraser, the unused ends of a cucumber can be used to remove scruff marks from your walls, and even shine your shoes.
  3. Black tea can be used to polish wooden furniture – Many commercial furniture polishes contains toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to your health and the environment. Instead of reaching for your lemon polish, use a little bit of black tea to polish your wooden furniture. But remember that it must be black tea!
  4. Basil Leaves can be used to keep fruit flies at bay – Basil is a great natural remedy to keep pesky fruit flies at bay. Just keep a bunch in your bowl and let the magic happen.
  5. Egg yolks remove coffee stains from clothing – Some baking recipes call for egg whites only. So, what should you do with the leftover yolks? If you have recently spilled coffee on one of your favourite shirts, use the egg yolk and rub it into the coffee stain. Then wash and voilà!
  6. Onion can be used to clean your BBQ grill – Instead of throwing a less-than-fresh onion into the compost, why not use it to clean your BBQ grill? Cut it in half, and rub it over the grills.
  7. Banana peels clean and polish silverware – The peel of a fresh banana is a great natural cleaning remedy to clean and polish your silverware.


Trying any of these at home? Let us know how it works @BTtoronto!

Happy cleaning!

Tips courtesy of Molly Maid.

For more information visit www.mollymaid.ca


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