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TTC passenger seeking answers after scary open subway door ride

CityNews | posted Monday, May 30th, 2016

A TTC rider is seeking answers a day after a subway train left the station with at least one of its doors open and with no warning to passengers.

Kamal Javed was on the eastbound train on the Bloor-Danforth line last night when one of the doors wouldn’t close at Castle Frank Station. He says a TTC employee attempted to fix the problem but after a few minutes, he left. Javed assumed passengers would be asked to get off the train but that didn’t happen.


“We thought he’s coming back but the train literally left the station with the door open,” Javed told CityNews on Saturday.

“Everybody was saying ‘oh my God, what’s going on, why they are moving the train?’”

Javed began to video tape the train as it passed under the Bloor Viaduct at full speed. He says about a dozen passengers rushed to get away from the exposed area.

“We thought, oh my God, we’ve never seen this before, were on the bridge passing by trees, door open.. we never seen it before.”

Javed says he felt his safety – and that of the other passengers – was put in danger.

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Exclusive: TTC investigating moving subway with doors open

The TTC says the train was pulled from service at the next stop and they are now investigating the incident.

“It’s an incredibly serious situation and we are treating it very seriously,” said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

Ross added that if the crew in fact knew that the doors could not close, the protocol says it should never have left the station.

“There are safety feature built into subway trains that should doors open while the train is in motion, emergency brakes kick in and the train will stop,” explained Ross. “But that didn’t happen here and we need to understand why.”

Ross reminds passengers if they encounter a situation like this, they can activate the emergency alarm by pushing the yellow strip located in every subway car.


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