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City’s road safety plans targets key intersections, school zones

CityNews | posted Tuesday, Jun 14th, 2016

The city has unveiled its plan to make Toronto’s roads safer, including initiatives to lower speed limits and increase speeding fines in school zones.

The idea, spearheaded by Coun. Jaye Robinson, is to target specific high-collision intersections and corridors in the Toronto area and take the appropriate action to reduce accidents.

The plan would be to take action based on the specific needs of the intersection rather than implementing a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

According to the proposal, the city would also authorize a number of initiatives, including:

  • Expanding the “Watch Your Speed” program of permanent speed display signs in school zones
  • Implementing a mobile automated speed enforcement pilot project
  • Doubling fines for speeding and other infractions in school zones
  • Approving a reduction in the posted speed limit in a number of key locations
  • Requesting Police Chief Mark Saunders submit a report to the Toronto Police Services board supporting the enforcement of the initiatives.

The plan would cost the city about $68.1 million over five years, including $35.4 million in new capital funding and $4.5 million in additional operating funding.

The public works and infrastructure committee will debate the plan on June 20.

According to city statistics, there are 2,142 pedestrian collisions and 1,235 cyclist collisions in Toronto each year. An average of 27 pedestrians are killed each year on Toronto roads. So far there have been 16 pedestrian deaths in 2016.


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