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TTC heartache continues: Scarborough subway extension $900M over budget

CityNews | posted Friday, Jun 17th, 2016

The cost of the Scarborough subway is expected to cost $900 million more than originally estimated, CityNews has learned.

The cost of the one-stop extension was originally pegged at $2 billion, but is now approximately $2.9 billion.

“I was elected to build transit,” Mayor John Tory said on Friday, as he defended his support for the extension,

Tory was joined by TTC chair Josh Colle and deputy mayor Glenn De Baeremaeker for the news conference.

The price for the original version of the project, a three-stop subway, was budgeted at $3.56 billion.


If the city stayed with the three-stop subway, it would be been $1.4-billion over budget, and would cost $4.3 billion, CityNews has learned.

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Earlier this year, Tory said light-rail transit, not a subway, would be used to extend the Scarborough line. The proposed subway extension is now down to one stop, to Scarborough Town Centre, with the remaining corridor to be serviced by a 17-stop LRT.

The subway would run directly from Kennedy Station to the Scarborough Town Centre and would no longer stop at Lawrence or Sheppard.

The new plan is considered a compromise between councillors who pushed for a subway for Scarborough, and the city’s financial concerns.

And the TTC’s woes don’t end there. Earlier this year, the TTC said the Toronto-York Spadina subway extension is $550 million over budget. CityNews learned that of the $550 million, $400 million is for contractor claims and $150 million was used to reset the project last year and hire a new contractor.


  • Howard Lem says:

    $2.9B for a one stop extension. OR $2.9B for a few LRT lines? Extending the subway is a costly convenience to save a transfer and a few minutes. There are several busy routes in Scarborough that could use a Limited stop LRT line. Besides, The existing RT line could be adapted to handle the Flexity cars for a lot less money than the subway.

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