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Mayor Tory takes tough stand against TTC management

BT Toronto | posted Thursday, Aug 4th, 2016

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Toronto Mayor John Tory is asking TTC management to trim its budget, otherwise he will bring in a task force to do it.

The Toronto Sun reports his comments comes after CEO Andy byford sent a memo to the city, in response to the mayor’s demand of a 2.6 per cent budget reduction in all city departments.

According to the Sun, Byford told the city’s chief financial officer that even though the TTC has cut $82 million from its budget, it still faces a $149-million shortfall.

However, Tory told Breakfast Television on Thursday he has asked the TTC to go back to the drawing board.

“We have said to them nothing different than what we [have] said to every other organization … [they have] to go through an exercise where they review their budget,” Tory said.

“When they wrote me a letter that said […] we found a bit of stuff but we can’t do the rest, I just said ‘no, I’m sorry,’ you’ve got to do the same exercise.”

“In a $1.7-billion organization, you’d have trouble convincing me given my business experience, that there aren’t more things to find. I said please go back – they’ve got a great management team – [and] find more, and if you need some help, let me know.”

Tory said he would consider bringing in help to sort it all out, but that he would much rather have “Byford and his team, who are capable people, do it.”


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