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Top 5 health trends for 2017

BT Toronto | posted Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 10.52.44 AM

With the new year around the corner, health expert Bryce Wylde shares the top 5 trends that will keep your body healthy:

  1. The lupin bean and vegan omega 3 sources:
    Also known as the miracle bean, lupin bean is high in fibre and protein. It is completely vegan and lowers cholesterol, making it great for diabetics!
  2. Guar bean from India:
    Fibre is 2017’s protein! Did you know about 60% of North Americans have confirmed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) making fibre much more necessary in our daily diet. This soluble fiber is invisible, tasteless, odourless and colourless. It also helps with the absorption of minerals.
  3. The latest application for probiotics, Blis-K12:
    Blis-K12 is an oral probiotic that supports healthy bacteria in the mouth. Available in chewable or swallowable forms, Blis-K12 assists in the fight against sore throats!
  4. Nootropics (from Silicon Valley) crank up cognitive function:
    ‘Noootropics’ or ‘smart supplements’ improve cognitive functions including memory, creativity, and motivation. They can be found in vitamins B6 and B12.
  5. Boosting energy sources:
    Fire up your mitochondria for clean energy, good focus, and better sleep patterns, with theanine (an extract of green tea).


Check out the full video here:


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