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Durham Const. not the only cop to bust a move on the job

CityNews | posted Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2017

When Durham Regional police officer Jarrod Singh was summoned to the scene of a reported fight in downtown Oshawa on Sunday night, he was likely prepared to break up the ruckus and bust the brawlers.

The only thing he ended up busting, was a move.

There was no fight. Instead, Const. Singh found himself on the set of a music video shoot and he soon became embroiled in a dance-off.

The clip was provided by Vivid Media, which was shooting the video for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

It turns out Const. Singh used to be a dancer in his younger years, and he’s still got the moves to prove it.

“I used to do hip hop back in the day when I was in Durham College as a student,” he told CityNews.

“They asked me to show them some moves and I put some moves on and they really enjoyed it and obviously someone was recording it and it became viral.”

It’s not the first time officers have embraced the lighter side

It’s not the first time officers have embraced the lighter side and shaken their booties on the job. Here’s a few more smile-inducing examples.


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