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Several snakes, including poisonous breeds, stolen from Ontario home

The Canadian Press | posted Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2017

Niagara Region police are hunting for a number of venomous snakes.

A home near Hansler Road and Highway 20 in Thorold was broken into on Saturday evening, and the reptiles were stolen, police said.

The stolen snakes include several juvenile cobra species, rattlesnakes, adders and vipers, and a pregnant albino boa.

The snakes range in size from 12 to 106 centimetres while the non-venomous pregnant boa is 200 centimetres long and weighs about seven kilograms.

Police caution that a cobra’s venom contains neurotoxins that can cause respiratory failure and, eventually, death, and that even baby cobras have full strength venom and can defend themselves just like their parents.

Police say the snakes were being bred in the home for e-commerce and believe the residence was targeted.


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