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Metrolinx, Bombardier in court over light-rail contract

News Staff and The Canadian Press | posted Tuesday, Mar 21st, 2017

Metrolinx and Bombardier will face off in court on Tuesday over a light-rail contact for the Eglinton Crosstown.

The Ontario Superior Court will hear Bombardier’s request for an injunction to prevent Metrolinx from terminating the contract.

The provincial transit agency is fighting for the right to get out of the $770-million contract, and the right to speak to other suppliers, on the grounds that Bombardier may not be able to deliver on time. The delay would cost Metrolinx a fortune in penalties, and it would damage Metrolinx’s reputation.

Bombardier is expected to argue that it can deliver the vehicles on time. Cancelling the contract, Bombardier argues, would cause irreparable harm to its finances, international reputation, and employees.

Bombardier is also claiming that Metrolinx wants out of the deal because it no longer needs all of the vehicles it ordered, and that’s because Toronto City Council flip-flopped on the Scarborough subway plan once Rob Ford became mayor in 2010, essentially cancelling David Miller’s Transit City.


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