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Umbrellas can be used to enter Presto gates, but please don’t, TTC warns

CityNews | posted Thursday, Apr 6th, 2017


Umbrellas can be used to enter Presto gates but the TTC is warning riders not to do that.

“This is simple fare evasion,” TTC spokesman Brad Ross said in an email to CityNews on Wednesday.

“Someone has found yet another way to break the law and we will enforce it, just as we do when people hop turnstiles.”

A five-second video of a rider swiping an umbrella through the Presto gates appeared on YouTube on Tuesday.

CityNews attempted to enter the Presto gates at Wellesley Station on Wednesday using an umbrella, but was unsuccessful.

The gates are in use all over the world, Ross said.

“It’s not a design issue, it’s a scofflaw issue.”


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